North Pen’s parents beat the school board over books

TOWAMENCIN — Parents aimed at the North Penn Schoolboard again on Thursday night and hit the board with a book that they didn’t belong to school.

“Do you feel uncomfortable as an adult when you hear these words? How do you think this makes your child feel? My child can go to one of the libraries in this area and pick it up. I’m really tired of my stomach, thinking I can, “said parent Carrie Rocks.

At a long school board meeting at North Penn High School on Thursday night, Rocks and several parents read a board excerpt from a book they claimed to have recently found at a school in the district. This is an excerpt that prompted a content warning for the District NPTV channel. Meeting video..

While she was speaking, Rocks introduced herself as the mother of four Upper Gwinneds and posted a magnified photo of the page of the graphic novel Genderqueer, which deals with gender identity, claiming to be a “high school student.” She showed a page depicting sexual activity and asked the board when she read an excerpt containing words never said before at a school board meeting.

“Who made the decision to make this OK? I know the fact that the list in this book had to come across one of your desks to approve. Is it your intention to care for your children? Who made it your job to steal their innocence? “She said.

“Just because we think we’re only looking at six months doesn’t mean we don’t know what’s going on. That’s the constant barrage of your terrible policy and us. It was the mismanagement of the school and it drove us to a turning point. You are now Satan’s pawn for me. You all hate it, “Rocks said.

Vicky Flannery in North Wales issued a similar warning before reading an excerpt from the book “All Boys Aren’t Blue,” which she claimed was “in the library at Oak Park Elementary School until this week.” This book has been deleted for one of our parents. “

Later, Flannery read an excerpt from the book explaining sexual activity before aiming for the board.

“Have you found this book about sexual encounters and rape that is acceptable to minors, regardless of gender or sexual orientation? I don’t think it’s acceptable at all,” she says. rice field.

“Children are children. If you think this is acceptable, you belong to the national register, not the school board,” Flannery said.

Hatfield’s parent, Ken Ferry, issued a similar warning before reading an explicit exception from a book called “Lone Boy,” which he claimed to have found at Pendale Middle School.

Ken Ferry of Hatfield holds a copy of “Lone Boy” after reading a graphic excerpt from the book to the North Pen School Board on Thursday, October 21, 2021. (Screenshot from NPTV video)

“Attending the school board to get the latest information on our children’s academic development and making academia accountable was formerly called good parenting. Today it is domestic terrorism. Is called, “he said.

“No one is bullying you. We are not domestic terrorists. Because you work for us, we hold you accountable and pay taxes to citizens and worried parents. We don’t work for you, “said the ferry.

Jason Lanier of Lansdale questioned the choice of board of directors for books and classroom lessons that teach what he calls “critical race theory” and is preferred based on lessons on racial and sexual topics. He said he made a list of school books that he felt wasn’t there.

“Why do you have these books at school? Why are you doing this at school? One group feels good and one group feels sick So why divide the children into sections or groups and then pair them with each other? How does this benefit someone? “He said.

“There are a lot of books in our library, but in reality there is no business. Many of them talk about critical race theory and how good it is. Many of them talk about how good it is. , We talk about very sexually explicit content, “Ranier said.

Approximately 60-70 parents and residents watched the meeting directly in high school during the last 30 minutes after about an hour of public comment at the start of the meeting and other board work, and the NPTV live stream Hovered. Sometimes about 100 additional viewers. As they said, some parents in the local “Mom for Freedom” chapter said, “We don’t co-parent with the government” or “We don’t co-parent with the government” because others shared their thoughts. I wore a matching T-shirt with the words “Let’s Go Brandon”.

Alexis Drolet said he recently took a cultural proficiency training in the district and learned valuable lessons, including a black speaker lesson at a seminar.

“This impressed me deeply and reminded me very sharply that I was walking around every day with privileges I didn’t get. I didn’t feel bad about myself, but I was like myself. I turned to the experience of someone who wasn’t there, “she said.

David Schuetz of Hatfield thanked the Board for “how you did yourself in the face of pretty sneaky abuse” from the community about the treatment of COVID-19 in schools for the past two years.

“What you have done for all of us, and what you have done for me and my family, is nothing but heroic, despite the abuse you have suffered. You are my All the heroes in the book, “he said.

Kunbi Rudnick said he had two daughters at North Pen School and replied to the comment with Bible poems in the comments.

“For your remnants who continue to quote the Bible as if you were the only Christian in the room: Matthew 25-40,” What do you do to the fewest of my brothers? If you do, you will do to me. “You go to read these five verses between 40 and 45 and return to your Lord, the same Lord I serve, and you are here. I must explain to him why it is appropriate to come to and cite his Bible. We treat other humans in the same way. Everyone is embarrassed, “she said.

Residents also aimed at each other in public comments. Donaros of Montgomery Township thanked the board for their mask and COVID decisions and grouped for ignoring false anger like “mama for freedom” in the audience. Of a paid stirrer supported by billionaires and the Koch brothers. “

Those comments elicited a cry of protest from the group and a direct reaction from Landsdale’s Crystal Sackel. Unfortunately, no, we are only worried about moms. “

“Unfortunately, many people listened to it on TV, radio, grocery stores, and intercoms. We are always taught advertising on one side. And the last thing I checked was America. It’s not about that, “she said.

Residents scream at the North Pen School Board and leave the public meeting on Thursday, October 21, 2021 after a long comment on the district’s school books. (Dan Sokil – MediaNews Group)

Board members did not respond directly to resident comments other than asking comment submitters to remain polite and notifying them that the allotted time had passed. After commenting, board member Christian Fusco asked Assistant Superintendent Todd Bauer to deal with allegations about the book at Oak Park.

“I examined it, and I would say I was as surprised as everyone else in the room by what was read by Mrs. Flannery. In my understanding, the librarian read the book, it was No longer on the shelf, never signed out, and I believe it was purchased with the best intentions, but librarians considered the book inappropriate, Bauer said.

Later, some audiences began shouting at the board that they were out of order, and board president Tina Stall called on district guards to ensure they were leaving, so they left the meeting. I did.

Answers to questions sent by Reporter After the meeting, district spokeswoman Christine Riveraski said on Monday that “All Boys are not blue” at the Oak Park Library for five months in 2020-21, but were not checked out by students. ..

“Surveys have shown that this book was ordered after it was researched and is recommended as a useful reading for students suffering from identity. After reviewing the book in August, it developed into that age group. It was removed from the primary school issue because it wasn’t appropriate (not last week when it was falsely reported). The librarian has never read it to students, “she said.

For other books mentioned by his parents, “Genderqueer” was “ordered from the North Penn High School Library but was not checked out because it was not distributed” and “Lone Boy” was at Pendale Middle School but circulated. ” She said, adding the following statement:

“Until recent policy changes, purchasing library books did not require cross-building approval. Books have always been selected to complement the school curriculum and support the needs of individual schools. We use research to guide librarian recommendations and choices. Policy changes improve school-wide consistency and further support the decision-making process.

“Last week, we found that some of our school libraries contained materials that weren’t suitable for children and ordered books that upset some of the family. Not all, but In some cases, these books were available to students. The community acknowledged that NPSD apologized for the various emotions caused by this situation and took the necessary steps to address the concerns of all. I would like to guarantee to.

“The controversy over the subject matter and language used in books found in public libraries is neither new nor isolated in our community. What do people do, especially in this ever-changing society? Discussions are always challenging as they have different opinions about being accepted and appropriate. Reading and accessing books is very important for the North Penn School District and this community, and students are NPSD. It is encouraged to use the 18 libraries of. “

The North Pen Board of Education announced on November 9th at 7:00 pm at the District Education Service Center, 401E. Meet at Hancock Street. For more information, please visit:

North Pen’s parents beat the school board over books

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