Norristown man convicted of sexual contact with a minor girl

NORRISTOWN — A Norristown man admits to having sexual contact with a minor girl and is waiting for his fate from a judge.

Unray Southerland, 36, of 1100 blocks on West Airy Street, was guilty of escaping unwilling sexual intercourse in connection with a June 2020 autonomous region case in Montgomery County Court, endangering the welfare of children. I pleaded guilty to.

The victim was 14 years old at the time of the incident.

Judge Thomas C. Branca postponed the decision, allowing court officials to complete a background check on Southernland, including drug, alcohol, and mental health assessments. In addition, Blanca ordered Southern Land to undergo psychological and state authorities’ evaluation of sexually violent predators.

Public plea means that Southernland has not dealt with the prosecutor regarding his potential decision and the punishment is left to the judge’s sole discretion.

Southernland may face a maximum sentence of 17 and a half to 35 years in prison after being charged. However, state sentencing guidelines may allow fewer judgments.

The investigation began in October 2020 when a Norristown detective received information from a child’s social worker about sexual contact with a Southernland girl. Forensic evidence collected by the detective clearly identified Southernland as the suspect in this case, court documents show.

Southernland will remain in the county prison until the tentative inquiry hearing on June 14.

Other charges of statutory sexual assault and minor corruption will be dismissed against Southern Land at the time of the judgment in exchange for his guilty plea against other charges, the court said. The document shows.

Norristown man convicted of sexual contact with a minor girl

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