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It’s official: After months of talks, state officials and railroad giants Norfolk Southern Eventually I’m done with a contract to add a second every day Amtrak A trip between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg.

“Railways are very important in Pennsylvania. We are pleased to be moving quickly to achieve these long-needed improvements.” Governor Tom Wolfe In a statement his office announced on Monday. “this is, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law And our strong state-funded position to ensure that these communities can bring more agility and economic benefits. “

State officials and freight carriers First announced in February That they started exploring the possibility of adding seconds Amtrak A trip to Pittsburgh. Answer the prayers of railroad riders and business leaders who have been asking for it for years.

Agreement announced on Monday Norfolk Southern And state Ministry of Transport Demands spending more than $ 200 million on improving the infrastructure and security that the Commonwealth builds and maintains Norfolk Southern.

According to the government, improvements include “upgraded rail lines, passenger platforms, sidings, and required communications signal infrastructure.”

The state states that it will redirect existing ones Multimodal transport fund Part of the $ 1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure law is ” Amtrak Passenger rail network. “

PennDOT “We have secured funding to meet the requirements of the 2008 Federal Law on Contribution to Pennsylvania Train Set Costs. PennDOT We are planning an additional application [infrastructure law] Funding to help improve stations and platforms along the route. “

Governor Tom Wolfe spoke at a press conference in Pittsburgh on Friday, February 18, 2010 (Commonwealth Media Services Photo).

With state officials Norfolk SouthernOwning the railroad corridor between Harrisburgh and Pittsburgh has been working on the development of a consensus framework for the past four months.

The final version of the agreement will be in place by the end of the year, after which construction will begin. Meanwhile, the new service is expected to begin within three years of the final contract, both sides said.

“This is a great example of a positive solution that governments and businesses can design by working together towards the same goal. Together, we maintain a key artery in our country’s supply chain. While expanding access to passenger railroads, this is really a model for future public-private railroad agreements. ” Norfolk Southern Chief Strategy Officer Mike McClellan Said in a statement released on Monday.

Amtrak Station in Middletown, Pennsylvania (Photo of Commonwealth Media Service).
Amtrak Station in Middletown, Pennsylvania (Photo of Commonwealth Media Service).

At a rare moment of bipartisan, state legislators whose district includes the Western Railway Corridor praised the agreement.

This contract “takes a step closer to improving passenger service. It has been my top priority legislation since being elected to the Senate and is the culmination of a wide range of bipartisan work at many levels. ” Senate Trade Committee Chairman Wayne Rengarholk Jr., R-CumbriaSaid in a statement. “… I look forward to the day when people in western Pennsylvania will have access to additional trains in the near future.”

Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa, D-Allegheny, He called the agreement “a major issue for western Pennsylvania and a perfect example of what the public and private sectors can work together to provide to the people of Pennsylvania,” expressing similar sentiment.

“We are proud to have one of the most operated railroads in the country” in Pennsylvania. Costa Continued. “This is an asset for both the supply chain and Pennsylvania citizens. The more we invest in this important means of transportation, the stronger the economy and agility of the people of 67 counties.”

Jackie Springer, a Shippensburg woman, sees a photo of her son Austin Springer while talking about his death from an overdose of fentanyl.
Jackie Springer of Shippensberg was at an event where Republican governor candidate Doug Mastriano talked about a bill that would impose a 25-year compulsory minimum sentence on drug dealers who supply a deadly overdose of fentanyl. See a photo of my son Austin Springer.

Adjacent to parents whose child died from overdose of fentanyl, Republican governor candidate Doug Mastriano Law highlighted on Monday Target drug dealers who sell dangerous opioids First responders should report all overdose. Senior Reporter Peter Hall There is a story.

State — Not Pennsylvania — I want to make it easier to use the Locomotive Acts, which save lives to curb gun violence.Our friends report.Bipartisan guns handle it President Joe Biden Recently signed ones also smooth the path.

Most Democrats in the US Senate President Joe Biden Pressure him to “take action immediately” To protect the right to abortion US Supreme Court Friday’s decision overturned Roe v. Wade, Capital Star Washington Reporter Jacob Fisher Write.

Malicious use of the constitutional amendment process rUnleash the power of voters under the guise of increasing it, Wesley R. Pain IV,of Philadelphia Bar Association Report.America Has a long and shameful history Opinions on treating women like property, regular opinions Michael Coard Write.

21年1月3日の宣誓式でのピッツバーグ市長エドゲイニー(<a href ="">Pittsburgh City Paper</a>Photo). “width =” 1024 “height =” 719 “srcset =” 00-AM-1024×719.png 1024w,×211 .png 300w,×539.png 768w, https // 1398w “size =” (max-width:: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px “/><figcaption class= Mayor of Pittsburgh Edgainy at the 1/3/21 oath ceremonyPittsburgh City Paper Photo).

Other places.
Republican Governor Candidate Doug Mastriano Will not abandon his polarized personal style In fierce competition with the Democratic Party Josh Shapiro, Inquirer Report.

Pittsburgh City Officials Seeking authority from the state To create your own gun method Post gusset Report.

Two Residents of Central and Northern Pennsylvania Convicted and admitted to being in the US Capitol During the January 6 riots PennLive Report.

Lancaster City Officials Get $ 5 Million Federal Pandemic Relief Seeking Affordable Housing Proposals, Lancaster Online Report.

Sheetz Lower the price of some gasoline Less than $ 4 per gallon until the holiday of July 4th, morning Call Report.

By the way, gas prices are not expected to rise. Get in the way of this holiday weekend trip, Citizen’s voice Report.

The odds are long, but two Philadelphia Democrats, U.S. Congressman Dwight EvansAnd state Senator Art Haywood, The state continued to call for the Locomotive Act to be passed To curb gun violence Why-FM Report. The new federal gun law will provide the state with funding to enforce the law.

Republicans of the State Capitol added a clause to the budget bill on Monday requiring a promise to four state-affiliated universities in Pennsylvania. They have not conducted experiments or studies with fetal tissue From selective abortion Associated Press Report (via WITF-FM).

GoErie I will explain the reason the US Supreme Court The abortion decision refers to Erie.

Politics PA The dispute over the right to abortion Make Pennsylvania One Problem State This Fall..

Roll call Nathan Gonzalez Be careful when analyzing voting results Following the decision of the High Court.

Here is today’s #Philadelphia Instagram:

What’s happening
The House of Representatives arrives at 11:00 am and the Senate reconvenes at 12:00 pm.
11:00 am, main rotunda: The Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus I will explain how to bear the brunt of US Supreme Court The terrifying recent ruling applies disproportionately to people of color.

What’s happening (naked political version)
8 am: breakfast Senator Maria Collet
8:00 am: breakfast Rep. Morgan Sephas
5:30 pm: Reception Congressman Greg Rothman
5:30 pm: Reception Congressman Jason Dawkins
Get on the circuit and give up today, and you’re giving out a totally ridiculous $ 12,500 today.

Governor Tom Wolfe Call him at his usual 8:07 am KDKA-AM In Pittsburgh this morning.

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This is from a DJ / producer Honey DijonFeatures Ramona Renea, Get off Tuesday morning with your right foot.this is “Love is a state of mind.”

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The Pittsburgh Pirates Dropped a 3-2 decision on the road To Washington Nationals Monday night. The Pirates 3rd place NL Central11.5 games from 1st place.

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Norfolk Southern, Pennsylvania Signs Contract to Expand W.Pa Rail Access | Tuesday Morning Coffee

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