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Nor’easter brings strong hurricane winds and causes power outages | Nationwide

Boston (AP) — A hurricane storm hit the US coast, losing 425,000 people in Massachusetts and forcing the area to close bridges, ferries and schools on Wednesday.

The Massachusetts Office for Emergency Management reported a widespread power outage on Wednesday morning after a gust of 80-90 mph (130-145 km / h) in the coastal area. According to the National Grid, about 90,000 people have lost power in Rhode Island.

Boston’s National Meteorological Service has reported that an early morning trip in southeastern Massachusetts is not recommended due to hurricane gusts, numerous windthrows, and power outages. The best gust of storm was recorded at 94 mph on the Ferry Dock on Martha’s Vineyard, it said. The wind is slowly weakening all day long.

The body of a missing kayaker off the coast of Long Island was recovered near Bronx after being found underwater by a helicopter search team, according to Coast Guard officials. Lawrence Broderick, 45, reportedly left Hempstead around 9 pm on Monday and headed for Mamaroneck hours before heavy rains began in the area. He was reported missing early Tuesday morning.

In Connecticut, a power line went down on a school bus to Middletown High School on Wednesday morning. No injuries have been reported. Six students were on the bus. The bus continued its route even after emergency personnel removed the power lines. About 15,000 homes and businesses were unpowered Wednesday morning.

The Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority closed the Newport Pell and Jamestown Verazzano Bridges early Wednesday morning due to a gust of 70 mph and soon reopened on most vehicles. The school bus was not yet allowed to cross. Ferry services to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Island were suspended on Wednesday. Dozens of schools have canceled classes.

Power outages were scattered throughout Maine. The wind continued to blow there on Wednesday morning. Central Maine Power said it is dealing with about 17,000 outages. This was about 3% of all customers, the utility said. Fallen tree branches and smooth roads also caused traffic delays in parts of the state.

There were about 6,000 outages across New Hampshire, with no major damage.

The storm was felt north to Nova Scotia. There were rainfall and wind warnings in the southwestern part of the state.

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Nor’easter brings strong hurricane winds and causes power outages | Nationwide

Source link Nor’easter brings strong hurricane winds and causes power outages | Nationwide

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