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Technically it may be summer and it may not feel like the Halloween season, but that’s not a problem for Teddy Sourias and the andCraft Concepts Group. This is the opening weekend of the annual Halloween celebration known as Nightmare Before Tinsel, a thematic pop-up bar on 116 S. 12th Street in Philadelphia.

A year after the COVID Pandemic left the Nightmare Before Christmas like a walk-through haunted house, the original jewelry store was redesigned in 2021 and updated with new themes and a new line of drinks. A hideaway.

“We are starting an eerie season in Philadelphia faster than ever,” Sourias said. “Nightmare Before Tinsel scares you for the six weeks leading up to Halloween. To bring you this beloved Halloween tradition unlike any other in the region. We’ve been working hard, and we’re always trying to think out of the box and have some fun in the process. We can’t wait to travel to the underworld together and experience the devil’s hideout. Hmm.”

For this year’s special theme, Nightmare will take a hot red journey with the Devil’s hideout. The Devil in Midtown Village has officially completed the refurbishment of the former Simpsons Jewelery Store on 12th Avenue and Samsung Street, his new vacation underground world. The entrance gate is open and ready to seduce anyone who dares to enter. A man brave enough to pass must go through his mysterious gateway. Arriving in the devil’s living room filled with fiery, hot, bloody caves where human remains drip. Welcome to your nightmare.

Unfortunately, escaping is not so easy. The Grim Reaper and his clan are guarded at the exit and ready to slaughter those trying to escape. If you pass it, don’t get excited. Escape from the tunnel only leads to a dead end in the devil’s canteen, which has a strong force field that only he can endure. In order for the devil to maintain eternity, he feasts on the heads of small children and continues to be young. After entering through the bloody gateway, there is no escape route. The only chance to survive is to pick up a drink and have a fiery fun.

In Nightmare’s main bar area, look for 1,037 human intestines hanging up and the heads of two little children hiding in the ruins. Along the top and entrance walls of the bar, artist Scott Johnston has created a collection of original art murals, both real and imaginative, in honor of the famous horror and Halloween characters. Look for famous faces such as Evil Dead Ash, Night of the Living Dead Duane Jones, Edgar Allan Poe, Shining Jack Nicholson, and The Exorcist Linda Blair. Johnston also created vintage Halloween art that covers railings, bathrooms, and other corners of the bar. Vintage and antique postcards, greeting cards, music covers and more. The artist said he would like to showcase the famous monsters, the strangeness of blacklights, and the touch of euro horror and cult cinema this year.

Nightmares before tinkering are open Monday to Friday from 4 pm to 2 am and Saturday to Sunday from 2 pm to 2 am. Door September 17, 4:00 pm For more information on Nightmare, please visit: www.nightmarebeforetinsel.comFollow @TinselPhilly on social media.

For the health and safety of all visitors and employees, all visitors to Tinsel must be fully vaccinated and present proof of vaccination at the door prior to admission.

“Nightmare Before Tinsel” Halloween-themed bar jumps into scary seasons – Reading Eagle

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