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Newsome in California wants health insurance for all immigrants | Work

Sacramento, California (AP) —California will be the first state to illegally provide health insurance to all immigrants in the country under the budget proposed by Governor Gavin Newsom on Monday.

This is part of his efforts to tackle what he called five of the biggest challenges in the most populous states, with a budget of $ 286.4 billion based on a surplus predicted by legislative analysts. At least $ 31 billion.. Newsom’s budget proposal uses a much larger surplus estimate because his administration uses a different definition of what it counts as surplus.

What his administration has called an “existential threat” includes a pandemic surge in the coronavirus. Wildfires and droughts have been exacerbated by global warming. Homeless; Income inequality, including lack of health insurance for some immigrants. Public security, including the fight against the recent surge in collaborative smash and grab robbery.

California has made great strides in reducing the uninsured population in recent years, Largest single group left behind under the state Medicaid program Illegal low-income people in the country.

The state began targeting immigrants under the age of 26 in 2019 and immigrants over the age of 55 last year. Currently, Newsome wants state legislators to cover the rest by January 1, 2024.

It was not immediately clear whether he would introduce additional health insurance in stages, or how he would pay for it.

One legislative analysis Place a price tag at $ 2.4 billion annually to cover the remaining donut holes of uninsured immigrants. Covering the latest expansion, over 50, ultimately costs taxpayers about $ 1.3 billion annually.

His budget speech will begin months of negotiations with his fellow Democrats who control the state legislature and will intensify when Newsom presents a spending proposal updated in May.

Some progressive Constitutional Democrats were in California last week First universal health insurance systemIt is supported by a sudden tax increase that requires voter approval.

I also have Newsom Promised to spend $ 300 million Strengthening law enforcement activities to combat retail store theft, etc. $ 2.7 billion Spend on coronavirus testing and hospital staffing.

He also spent $ 648 million on Monday to assist firefighters in the wilderness and buy more helicopters and bulldozers, plus $ 1.5 billion for forest management for the current budget year, plus an additional $ 12. Proposed to spend $ 100 million.

In addition to the $ 5.2 billion water package for the current budget year, an additional $ 750 million will be spent on drought relief.

Also, in terms of the environment, he promised to continue to reduce his reliance on fossil fuels in California.

To tackle the state’s seemingly unruly homelessness problem, he proposed spending $ 2 billion on mental health services, housing, and cleaning up homeless camps. This is in addition to last year’s $ 12 billion package. This combination is expected to create 55,000 new housing units and treatment slots.

Newsom has proposed “doubling” the state’s existing plans to offer a free universal kindergarten to help increase living costs in California. Add thousands of child care slots to boost your front, back and summer school programs.

He also offered ongoing assistance to SMEs that were hit hard by the pandemic by exempting them from fees and offering hundreds of millions of grants and tax cuts.

Newsom’s huge budget and surplus feared that Newsom and state legislators would cut spending, raise taxes, withdraw money from the state’s savings account, and end up with a pandemic-fueled $ 54 billion deficit. Keep the state away from the darkness of 2020.

The deficit never happened. Instead, state revenues have skyrocketed like never before. According to the report, in September, the amount collected from the three largest taxes (personal income, sales and corporations) in the state before the pandemic occurred was 40% higher than in September 2020 and from September 2019. It was nearly 60% higher. Legislative analyst’s office.

Newsom also promised to significantly increase spending on infrastructure such as roads and bridges. These types of projects are a good way to use surpluses that are only available for one year, as there is no recurring cost to raise funds each year. Another advantage is that infrastructure spending does not count towards the state constitutional spending limits. In other words, you can offset other spending and help lawmakers fall below that limit.

Nationally, people are watching how Newsom wants to spend money to increase access to abortion.US Supreme Court Under review A groundbreaking decision to overturn or significantly weaken the Roe v. Wade case or to ban the state from outlawing abortion. If that happens, 20 other states may pass legislation banning or restricting access to abortion.

Last year, Newsom convened a group of more than 40 abortion providers and advocacy groups to ask for their thoughts on what to do if that happened. December, group Released 45 recommendations.. They include spending money to help clinics hire more workers and refunding abortion providers for patients who cannot afford to pay, including patients traveling from other states to California. Funds are included.

In an interview with the Associated Press last month, Newsom showed that some of the report’s recommendations were included in his budget proposal.

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Newsome in California wants health insurance for all immigrants | Work

Source link Newsome in California wants health insurance for all immigrants | Work

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