News about Franklin’s future may come soon. Lake-Lehman’s Konigus plays at PSU

State College — In a closed room, James Franklin has announced that he will be celebrating his ninth season as a coach at Penn State University.

After defeating Rutgers on Saturday, he wasn’t ready to give the reporter a definitive answer. But it could come soon.

Franklin talks weekly with the State College Quarterback Club at a luncheon during the season. Altuna Miller reported that last week’s session included Franklin telling nearly 200 members “I’m not going anywhere.”

On Saturday, Franklin confirmed that he said it, but indicated that it might have been a bit premature. He suggested that the situation would probably be publicly addressed soon at the next press conference.

“I made that statement because I thought something would happen a little sooner,” Franklin said. “On Tuesday, you can talk about it as much as you want.

“… These things are more complicated than the simple” yes “and” no “answers. And with me, I’m always trying to be as transparent as possible and tell (to the media) what I know, so when I say something, that will happen. So I would be grateful if I could wait until Tuesday. “

In what has become an almost annual ritual, Franklin is reportedly pursued for the opening of a nationally-focused head coach. In most cases, Franklin demanded that Pennsylvania State University invest more money in the program, so he chose not to deal with them publicly, especially to continue overhauling some dilapidated facilities.

This fall, with the double pain of both USC and LSU dismissing coaches early in the season, Franklin’s name is the work of both Los Angeles and Baton Rouge national outlets and reporters. Appeared as a candidate for.

Adding to this latest speculation is Franklin’s change of agent at the end of the summer, switching to a formidable group led by Jimmy Sexton, who represents Nick Saban and others in Alabama.

By chance or not, USC and LSU’s interest in Franklin diminished as the Nittany Lions moved from 5-0 to 4th place in the country and lost 4 in 5 games before Saturday’s victory. It seems.

Fans are, of course, complaining about Franklin’s name appearing frequently on the carousel, but Pennsylvania State University is now in a difficult situation to change head coaches.

Lions are ready to sign one of the country’s top recruiting classes next month. For some services, Drew Allah and Nick Singleton are the first quarterback and the first running back in Japan, respectively. Wide receiver Kaden Saunders and defensive end Dani Dennis-Sutton are also the consensus of the top 100 new hires nationwide.

Memories of Konigus

After spending four years primarily on the team’s development team, Lake Leeman Caleb Conigas spent time on the field at Beaver Stadium before and during the match.

Walk-on Offensive Lineman was one of the 32 players to be honored on Senior Day, and his name called for a shortage of tunnels and was hugged by Franklin and his family.

After that, he defeated Scarlet Knights 28-0, and over time, Conigas made his college debut.

Outstanding in both football and high school wrestling, Conigas can be said to have played at Pennsylvania State University and entered the left guard on his last drive of the day.

It’s not a bad way to finish his last match at the stadium.

Another District Alum, Wallenpaupack’s Dan Vasey, received the same treatment after the announcement of his own Senior Day and entered the defensive end later in the game.

Konigus, along with linebackers Robbie Dwyer (Wyoming Valley West / Wyoming Seminary) and Dominic DeLuca (Wyoming Area), is one of the three former Wyoming Valley conference players on the Lions roster this season, both special. I’ve seen the field as a team.

News about Franklin’s future may come soon. Lake-Lehman’s Konigus plays at PSU

Source link News about Franklin’s future may come soon. Lake-Lehman’s Konigus plays at PSU

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