New York has the exception of allowing fans in the Bills Playoffs game | Sports

Albany, NY (AP) —New York limits a large rally to allow approximately 6,700 fans to participate in the Buffalo Bills home playoff game in January, as long as all tests are negative in advance. There are exceptions.

This is about 10% of the stadium’s capacity. Governor Andrew Cuomo said football team staff allowed only fans with negative tests to enter the stadium, where they were sitting apart. Fans must wear a mask after placing the car in the parking lot until they return to the car and will be asked to leave when the mask is removed.

Cuomo, who sent health department staff to study the COVID-19 protocol at stadiums in other states, allowed fans in the game when more than 11,000 New Yorkers a day tested positive for COVID-19. He defended his administration’s efforts to do so.

He said the pilot program could serve as a model for resuming business with rapid testing, and budget director Robert Musica said it would take place three days before the match. Cuomo has instructed his health department to contact all 6,700 fans after the match.

The department did not immediately provide details of the pilot program, such as whether there was a resource to contact the state to track all fans the day after the game. Fans must follow state guidance requiring individuals exposed to COVID-19 to be quarantined for 10 days.

“We believe it is the first state in a country to carry out this type of pilot, and we believe it will be very beneficial in the future,” he said.

State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker said earlier that fans had gathered before and after the match and are looking at ways to deal with the potential for a post-match surge.

Zucker and Cuomo urged all fans not to hold or attend tailgates, parties, or other large rallies on Wednesday.

The team said on its website that tickets will be offered to club seats and season ticket holders based on seniority, and probably not to the general public. Fans have to pay a $ 63 test fee. The game will play on January 9th or 10th.

Bills won the title of the first AFC East district since 1995. The first playoff game will be held after losing to Jacksonville on December 28, 1996 in a 30-27 wild card playoff. The last match of quarterback Jim Kelly.

AP writer Wawrow reported from Buffalo.

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New York has the exception of allowing fans in the Bills Playoffs game | Sports

Source link New York has the exception of allowing fans in the Bills Playoffs game | Sports

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