New Principal Hired at Blue Mountain High School

The Blue Mountain Board of Education approved Charles E. Schaefer as the principal of the new high school at a meeting on September 23.

Schaeffer is a graduate of Lock Haven University with a bachelor’s degree in primary and education. He received his Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from Wilkes University in 2005.

Schaefer came to the Blue Mountains from Muhlenberg High School in Berks County and has been a vice-principal since 2014. He taught at Hamburg Regional Junior High School from 1999 to 2014.

Charles E. Schaefer

He will replace Kevin Berger, who left the position in the summer. Schaeffer’s apportioned salary is $ 102,698, a perk. He is a resident of the district.

Director David H. Hellsel was filling a high school vacancy during that time. The board planned to vote for a $ 500 weekly scholarship for additional work that Helsel requested to be removed from the agenda.

“I volunteered to be a high school principal,” Helsel said. “It was a lot of extra work, but no scholarship is needed.”


Mitch Stokes has been approved as a wrestling assistant coach, Dana Clauser as an assistant director for High School Musical, and Justin O’Brien as an athletics assistant coach.

Leslie Gummer was hired as a provisional assistant women’s tennis coach, Thomas Kangar was hired as an athletics assistant coach, and Tammy Wapinsky was hired as a high school chorus and drama director.

Nicole Cutie, Jessica Brennan and Nicole Touchinsky have been hired as COVID compensatory education teachers. They provide after-school tutoring.


The board has approved the purchase of Meeting Owls, an all-in-one 360 ​​° camera with a microphone and speakers, for no more than $ 50,000. Funding to support the project comes from the American Rescue Program. The unit is used by students of virtual learning.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 21st at 6:30 pm

New Principal Hired at Blue Mountain High School

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