New games delivered in May! Find and Play on R2 Games!

New games delivered in May! R2 Games, one of the most popular online game platforms, keeps updating and bringing new casual games to global players, like Taptap Heroes: Clicker War and Wartime! They are quite differen. Taptap Heroes: Clicker War is an idle game full of magic in a fantasy world. While Wartime is a cartoon strategy game focused on modern war. Both games stand out for their great graphics, easy to play but bringing lots of fun. If you’re looking for a relaxing game and want to enjoy a fast growth while offline, do not miss these 2 games! Find them and play at R2Games.com!

New games delivered in May! Find and Play on R2 Games

Taptap Heroes: Clicker War

You can enjoy a wonderful adventure and automatic battles with just one click — yes it’s just this simple! Taptap Heroes: Click War operates in a way where you can focus more on the formation and tactics of attribute restraints, while at the same time enjoying the beauty of automatic battles. It has lots of game modes, 6 Races and 5 Occupations that will bring you endless fun. With Taptap Heroes: Clicker War, even your offline time serves a purpose and you won’t have to worry about your internet connection! The game provides plenty of rewards when you’re offline, sometimes it’s even a better strategy to just stay away from the game for a little while.

Taptap Heroes Banner

Game Features:

★Auto-battle mode: Focus more on your wise tactics while enjoying the high-quality graphics in this magic world.

★6 Races & 5 Occupations: A wide variety of options in team formation and the endless fun of collecting dozens of legendary heroes.

★Massive welfare: Plenty of rewards are obtainable both online and offline, with countless in-game seasonal activities.

★Lots of gameplay options: Dungeons, The Babel, The Trial of the Tree, Fragile Void, and much more. Each of them is exciting!


Wartime is a total hit for players who enjoy strategy and warfare tactics. Once you start, it will be difficult to stop working towards creating the greatest army of all time! With an island under their control, players get to develop troops using the special merging system to build your base and conquer territory step by step. You can also explore in a vast map and enjoy countless exciting battles where your strategy will be the key for attack and defense!

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Game Features:

★Unique merging gameplay: Develop and upgrade your troops using the unique merging system. Players get to control troops, ships, tanks and more.

★Strategy wins battles: Freedom to decide your way of becoming powerful. Decorate the territory following your style!

★Great graphics: Placed on a beautiful green island with plenty of good-looking elements. Enjoy a visual feast as you go on the adventure.

★Lots of gameplay options: Face the fierce battles as you make your way to the Eternal Land! Wild Monsters, Battle of Kingdoms, War Robots, Throne Showdown… there are plenty of exciting battle modes.

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