New Burks Election President Must Share Her View


I write about Berks County Commissioner’s appointment of Page Leaguener as Director of Election Services. Her work as Chief Assistant to Republican Ryan Mackenzie, who disputed the 2020 election results as free and fair, worries me about how fair this new election manager will be. Let me.

In December 2020, Mackenzie joined the Republican colleagues in the State Capitol and the Senate, calling on the Pennsylvania parliamentary delegation to reject Biden’s electoral college. This is part of a systematic effort to overturn the will of Pennsylvania voters, and we now know that all nonpartisan observers have decided that it is a free and fair election. Leaguener worked in a leadership position at Mackenzie, so I think the answers to some important questions are correct.

If Leaguener favors election integrity, why didn’t she resign when Mackenzie signed an exorbitant attempt to overturn a democratic election?

Mr. Ligner said he knew Mackenzie’s position in the 2020 elections, but said it wasn’t necessarily hers. That is not the answer.

Before handing over control of the next election to her, her final position needs to be clarified. Does Leaguener consider the last election to be free and fair, or to be stolen?

Rosemary Rank-Vitale

New Burks Election President Must Share Her View

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