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After the national vote Ryan Seacrest Chayce Beckham revealed to be the 2021 winner American idol During the grand finale studded with stars. The former heavy equipment operator ended the season with his first hit single “23”.

When Grace Kinstler finished in 3rd place, it depended on Chase and Willie. The three sang their hearts in multiple rounds, where they undertook the judge’s choice and then sang a song dedicated to their hometown. After Grace was eliminated, Willie and Chase revisited the audition song.

The top three talented people also participated Idol Top names of contestants and music this season.Was talking Legendary Lindsey Buckingham of Fall Out Boy, Chaka Khan, Macklemore, Luke Combs, Mickey Guyton, Leona Lewis, Sheryl Crow, Alessia Cara and Fleetwood Mac.judge Luke Bryan, Katy Perry,and Lionel Richie I also participated in the fun with their members Idol 2021 class.

Check out these must-see performances from night.

Chai Beckham

Bobby bonesAfter an inspiring journey by in-house mentor Chayce, he represented the blue-collar workers there. The jury gave him the opportunity to bend his wings with The Beatles’ “Blackbird”. Lionel praised his recognizable voice. Katie called him “Chayce the Ace”. Luke said he had secured a bass fishing trip.Chase dedicated his hometown song Chris Stapleton’s “Fire Away” to Apple Valley, California. Lionel liked the song selection. Katie told him that his world was changing. Luke can’t wait to see where he will be five years after seeing him grow big. Chayce closed the set by revisiting Ed Sheeran’s “Afterglow.” Katie said he had a dream, and now he is alive. Luke said he had a bright future and would hide the keys to the forklift. Lionel welcomed Chase’s career.

Willie Spence

Bobby experienced Willie’s journey and the way he didn’t quit despite losing his grandfather during the competition. The jury chose Ray Charles’ classic “Georgia on My Mind” for a soulful teddy bear. Luke said he delivered from day one. Lionel called it a religious experience. Katie told Willie that the sky was his limit. During his hometown round, the Georgian boy undertook Sam Cooke’s powerful “change will come.” Luke said he brings so much joy. Lionel told him to take that moment to take a bath. Katie had a feel. Willie closed the set with a treble on Cynthia Erivo’s “Stand Up”. Luke loved his voice and jacket. Lionel and Katie felt blessed to be in front of him.

Grace Kinstler

Grace told Bobby about his comparison with Kelly Clarkson and stood up confidently during the show to pay tribute to his deceased father. She started her solo performance with the jury’s selection of Celine Dion’s “All By Myself.” Katie took it one step further than Celine and felt she showed fragile power. Luke thought it was really great. Lionel called her a narrator with a great voice. In his hometown round, Illinois himself went into full diva mode with Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.” Katie thought Grace sang her heart. Luke found it beautiful. Lionel said he was better than himself.


Willie, Grace and Chase started the show on the rooftop with Macklemore on “Can’t Hold Us”. Complete with fireworks.

Mickey Guyton

Idol Mickey Guyton, nominated for the Alum and Grammy Awards, Alyssa Rei.

fall out Boy

Some of the people Idol Turned on Fall Out Boy and rocked it “My song knows what you did in the dark (light em up).”

Chaka Khan

The legend has passed the hit medley “Sweet stuff,” “I’m Every Woman”, “Ain’t Nobody”, “Through the Fire”, Deshawn Goncalves, Casey Bishop, Cassandra Coleman, Grace, Alyssa.

Leona Lewis

Willie’s mom was weeping when she saw her son shining with Leona Lewis, “You’re the reason.”

Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow, along with Graham Defranco, who set foot on Arthur Gunn, brought us back in the 1990s with “If It Makes You Happy” and “Everyday a Winding Road.”

Luke Bryan

After visiting Whiskey a Go Go with Casey earlier in the week, Luke Bryan sang Bon Jovi’s “Livin’on a Prayer.”

Lionel Richie

Hit maker Lionel Richie has unveiled “One World” with some of the singers of the season.

Lindsey Buckingham

Inducted into the Hall of Fame IdolFleetwood Mac’s classic “Go Your Own Way”, Stevie Nicks’s look-shaking Cassandra.

Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara duet with Grace in the body positivity anthem “Scars to Your Beautiful”.


Superstar sang “Forever After All” with the superstar of the country that makes Chayce.

Katy Perry

Darling Idol The judge sang in “Thinking of You” and demonstrated her guitar playing skills with Hunter Mets.


The· Idol Those who have come into contact with this season’s heartstring are back with the original medley “Am I Still Mine?”. And “painted man”.

“The story of this season”

Jingle Master Tom McGavan has perfectly summarized this season.

American idol Return to another season in 2022 with ABC

New “American Idol” crowned during the star-studded finale (RECAP) | Entertainment News

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