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Williamsport, PA-“Don’t underestimate the power of networking with career advisors, professors, coaches, college graduates, friends, and even family members.” Best advice for students at Lycoming University Career Advisor Ann Landon.

Lycoming College’s Enhanced Academic Experience Center (CEAE) helps students identify their interests in the career world, and according to Lycoming College, for jobs and opportunities that allow them to grow intellectually, professionally and personally. Assists in searching.

CEAE has a career advisor built into the faculty. This will give students access to career advisors who are familiar with their field of study.

Specializing in business administration, accounting, economics, and corporate communications, Landon has recently been able to connect great opportunities and graduates at UPMC through another graduate.

“I really enjoy making that type of connection,” Landon said. “It’s very rewarding to see students get the job they dream of and employers get a valuable addition to the workforce. It’s a mutually beneficial situation.”

While in college, Jena Hampton ’18 completed an internship at River Valley Health and Dental as part of her business practice, creating a keen interest in healthcare. However, at the time of graduation, there were not many local opportunities in this area. Hampton applied for a management trainee program at Enterprise Holdings and was subsequently hired.

Since Hampton was in contact with Lycoming University, Landon knew that former students were still interested in pursuing a health care position. When Luke Klingler ’15 asked if a recent graduate was interested in a job at UPMC, she immediately thought of Hampton.

“What I like about Lycoming is the connection of graduates,” says Klingler. “I think networking is really important because some of the other jobs were from former graduates.”

Like Hampton, Klingler benefited from an internship hosted by CEAE. He was offered a Business Associate position at the UPMC Heart & Vascular Institute in Williamsport. Two years later, he applied for a neuroscience and rehabilitation service line and acted as a practice manager. That was when he contacted Landon about a potential opening for students. Hampton started out as a business assistant for his team.

Regarding how this opportunity affected her career trajectory, Hampton said, “This opportunity has opened the door to movement and growth within the UPMC system and management experience within the healthcare facility.”

Klingler is currently the managing director of the UPMC Heart & Vascular Institute in Williamsport. He manages, executes, and supervises staffing for physician practice. “It can definitely be stressful at times, but I absolutely love it,” Klingler said. “I love interacting with healthcare providers and teams. After all, we are all here to help patients. I may not be the one who is operating on patients. , Can help set up teams and doctors for success. “

Hampton is currently the Practical Manager of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation at UPMC. In this role, she manages physical therapy and rehabilitation, rehabilitation psychology, and osteopathic manipulation medicine practices. She also manages staff and prepares data entry files for schedule utilization and productivity.

To maintain his involvement with the university, Hampton keeps in touch with the graduate and her soloity, Beta Phi Gamma. Klingler is an assistant coach for Lycoming’s men’s soccer team. Together, Hampton and Klingler make a conscious effort to find opportunities for graduates and enhance the reputation of the university’s excellent networking system.

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Networking Jobs: Lycoming College graduates help each other find jobs | Lycoming College

Source link Networking Jobs: Lycoming College graduates help each other find jobs | Lycoming College

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