Nestor Cortes delivers to the Yankees as the bomber bounces to defeat the Blue Jays 4-0 – Reading Eagle

Nestor Cortes did what a nasty Nestor did. He went out. The Yankees’ fifth starter, the eccentric left-handed who puzzled batters with various deliveries and fast pitches just to stick to the team, has grown to be one of the team’s most trusted pitchers as a starter or relief.

Tuesday night was no exception. He made a 4.1 scoreless inning against the dangerous Blue Jays lineup, and the Yankees bounced back for a 4-0 victory at Yankee Stadium.

Aaron Hicks, who played for the first time since 2017 as a left fielder, hit his first home run and recorded two consecutive losses to the Yankees (3-2).

Cortez hit three hits, did not walk the batter, and hit five in his season debut. With 14 starts last season, Cortez pitched to 3.07 ERA. From the bullpen, he had 2.29 ERA.

Once known for his eccentric delivery, Cortez created a place for himself with the Yankees’ rotation and bullpen just because he was effective.

Yankees coach Aaron Boone said, “I think he’s more confident and more experienced. He understands that he has the weapons to play big league batters at a very high level as a starter. “. “Well, we think again, a young man who grew up with his skills, and with his confidence, he still has a gimmick, he still hesitates and drops down, and It’s all part of it.

“And I think it’s something that works for him because he has enough athleticism to do that. He didn’t necessarily soften it. It’s still in his mix. In part, there is no doubt that his experience and self-confidence continue to grow and that he knows he has what he needs to get rid of these guys. “

Cortez said it came from a low round draft topic that was fighting every day so that it wouldn’t be released. Cuban natives know that it’s the key to learning to be an effective pitcher, and even this spring secured a place for the Big League roster.

“I was in the 36th round. I’m 5-10 years old and throw 90mph,” Cortez said. “For me, it was like living every day so that I wouldn’t be released. I signed in 2013, but in the first three or four years I said,” I need to prove myself, “and yet in the second year. The 3rd and 4th years were really good, but it’s still the 5th year. It was as if I couldn’t downplay things and couldn’t even think of developing a pitch. My five years as a minor was “go out, go out, go out”. That is my way of thinking.

After a successful match against the Yankees in 2019, Cortez fought the Mariners in 2020. When he returned to the bomber last season, he didn’t make his first appearance until May 30th, from which 2.90ERA was the third lowest. American League.

And this year he gets the opportunity to prove he belongs here from the beginning of the season

“I think I’m more prepared than last year. I’ve made a lot of good innings, and hopefully this year I can do it, and hopefully I’ve started the whole season with quality innings. Can be given, “Cortez said.

Road to the left fielder

Aaron Hicks has made his first start with a left fielder since the night of Tuesday, September 29, 2017. The outfielder said it wasn’t.

“Like my first route, it was a bit unstable at first,” Hicks said with a smile. “But when I started to feel a little comfortable, that is. It was okay, the four outfield types ruined me. But overall, I think it was pretty good.”

The Yankees used four men in the outfield twice on Tuesday night. The first was against the Blue Jays third baseman Matt Chapman. Gleyber Torres moves from second base to left fielder with a hicks. I used the bomber once in spring training, but not in Hicks.


Nestor Cortes delivers to the Yankees as the bomber bounces to defeat the Blue Jays 4-0 – Reading Eagle

Source link Nestor Cortes delivers to the Yankees as the bomber bounces to defeat the Blue Jays 4-0 – Reading Eagle

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