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Nebraska billionaire and philanthropist Walter Scott dies at age 90 | Work

Omaha, Nebraska (AP) — Billionaire Walter Scott, former CEO of Peter Keywitt Sands’ construction company, assisted in overseeing the Warren Buffett conglomerate and donated to construction projects around Omaha for a variety of purposes. Died. He was 90 years old.

Sae Yamamoto and Walter Scott Foundation founded by Scott Scott said he died on Saturday.. The Foundation did not mention the cause of death.

Scott was a board member of Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Conglomerate from 1988 until his death, investing with Berkshire in the company’s utility and energy divisions. Scott held approximately 8% of Berkshire Hathaway Energy’s stake, and Buffett’s Berkshire held 105 Class A Berkshire stakes with almost all the rest.

Born in Omaha in 1931 and raised during the Great Depression, Scott is Omaha-based construction company Peter Kiewit Sons’ Inc, which is building major projects around the world. I spent my entire career at. He became vice president of the company in 1965, overseeing construction projects in California and New York.

When Peter Kiewit died in 1979, Scott replaced him as chairman and chief executive officer, leading the company until 1998. He was also chairman of Level 3 Communications, a spin-off of Kiewit, until it was acquired in 2014.

Scott’s accumulated wealth allowed him to become a philanthropist. Scott and his late wife Susanne have made significant donations to the University of Nebraska, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and Colorado State University in Omaha. One of the main buildings of UNMC’s new Fred and Pamela Buffett Cancer Center is donated to the Sae Yamamoto and Walter Scott Cancer Research Tower.

The Joslyn Art Museum and Holland Performing Arts Center sections of Omaha are also named in honor of Scotts’ donations. Scott was also a longtime supporter of the famous Omaha Zoo. The zoo is named after a large aquarium after him and his wife.

Scott told Omaha World-Herald that he would donate almost all of his personal property to his personal foundation to support the project in Omaha.

“My kids were taken care of long ago-what they make in their lives is now their own responsibility,” Scott told World Herald. “Ultimately, I hope that almost everything will be sent to the Foundation and will benefit my hometown for generations to come.”

Walter has served on the boards of numerous charitable and educational organizations and chaired the Policy Advisory Board of the Omaha Zoo, Omaha Zoo Foundation, Joslyn Art Museum, Horror Jar Association, Heritage Services, and Peter Keywitt Institute.

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Nebraska billionaire and philanthropist Walter Scott dies at age 90 | Work

Source link Nebraska billionaire and philanthropist Walter Scott dies at age 90 | Work

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