NCAA President Mark Emart Resigns by 2023 | Sports

Indianapolis — NCAA President Mark Emart after 12 years of turmoil leading an increasingly marginalized association while college sports have undergone major changes and are surrounded by political and legal attacks. Resign.

NCAA Chairman John DeJoia announced the move on Tuesday, saying it was a mutual agreement. Emart, 69, will continue to play his role until the new president takes office, or until June 30, 2023.

This move is not entirely surprising. The NCAA continues to be the largest governing body in college athletics, but has been heavily criticized for many years because of its over-the-top and outdated nature, as Emmart serves as its primary target. ..

Emmert has led the NCAA to the most revolutionary time in the history of an organization with a history of more than 100 years. Over the last decade, athletes have gained more power, profit, and ability to make money than ever before. Amateurism has been redefined.

However, Emart has been regarded as not a catalyst for change, but as an annoying obstacle, or at least not aggressive and reactive.

“During my tenure, I have emphasized the need to focus on the experience and priorities of student athletes,” Emart said in a release from the NCAA. “I am very proud of the association’s work over the last 12 years, especially the efforts and dedication of the National Office staff here in Indianapolis.”

The announcement came a year after the board approved the extension of Emart’s contract until 2025, embarrassing many in college sports. Emmart’s salary was close to $ 3 million in 2021.

The NCAA has suffered a series of damaging court losses over the past decade, and last year’s 9-0 Supreme Court ruled against the association in an antitrust proceeding. This decision undermined the NCAA’s ability to govern college sports and urged a complete overhaul of how the NCAA operates.

A few years after losing the NCAA’s anti-trust proceedings regarding the use of athletes’ names, images and portraits, the association finally changed the rules in June last year to allow athletes to benefit as paid sponsors and approvers. I made it. This move only occurred after state legislators passed a law to revoke NCAA power. The NCAA is unable to regulate NIL activities with unified rules because Congress does not want to provide federal protection, leading to new criticism.

Emart has been called many times in front of Washington lawmakers over the past two years. Attacking the Emmart and NCAA has become one of the few that united Democrats and Republicans during these divided political eras.

Emart was appointed to the job in April 2010. He led the University of Washington and LSU before taking over to Indianapolis. He replaced Myles Brand, who held that position for seven years before his cancer death in 2009.

Major College As large college sports such as football and basketball have grown into multi-billion dollar businesses, the work that Emmart has stepped into has become increasingly difficult.

NCAA’s revenue reaches over $ 1 billion annually under Emmert, primarily through television trading in men’s college basketball tournaments, most of which is redistributed to more than 1,100 member schools with nearly 500,000 athletes. increase.

Still, the disparity between what the wealthiest schools bring and what the majority of schools spend on athletics makes it difficult for them all to coexist under one comprehensive organization.

NCAA member schools adopted the new constitution in January and are in the process of “transforming their structure and mission to meet future needs.”

“Due to the significant transitions underway within college sports, the timing of this decision provides an opportunity to consider what the president’s future role is, in addition to its association with consistent leadership over the next few months. I will do it, “said Dejoia. “It also allows the election and recruitment of the next president without confusion.”

Just months after NCAA’s criticism of not being able to provide fair facilities and equipment to men’s and women’s basketball players participating in the Division I tournament was overwhelmed by a long interview with AP in August, Emmart said. First-class college sports during times of instability.

“And it’s not surprising that people say this. What is Emmart doing?” He told AP. “And people also want to look at someone and say,’Well, fix this, damn!’ And I get it. I understand. And I sometimes mirror But the truth is, it’s a very complex system. I think we need to find a way to fix and rationalize it. “

NCAA President Mark Emart Resigns by 2023 | Sports

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