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Brooks Marzka joke campaign poster

The election season is over and Pittsburgh has recorded several historic victories. But one campaign was inadequate, but at least there was some laughter in the process.

Brooks Marzka ran as Republican for Mayor Edgewood Borough. Located just east of the Pittsburgh border, the small autonomous region is overwhelmingly democratic. But that didn’t discourage Marzka from running for the general election on Republican ballots. Well, conflicting may be a valid term.

Marutsuka’s campaign slogan They were “guaranteed sex scandal” and “putting a tree on Edgewood”. He put up a campaign sign near Edgewood, including the slogan “Mayor Marzka, or he steals your Karzka,” and posted a photo of Marzka pretending to have invaded his car. I did.

The campaign confused the hell of residents and passers-by. Last week before the election, Swissvale residents posted to Nextdoor: On my way home, I saw strange signs related to the mayor’s race. I’m not trying to stir up local politics, I’m just really confused about what’s going on. ”

NS The post received dozens of comments.. Some were just as confused. Others ridiculed Marzka, when he personally reacted with what appeared to be trying to keep his gag moving. He jokingly hinted that his opponent, Democrat Ryan O’Donnell, might have been behind the stolen dog. (This is also a joke, I think his dog was never stolen. Does Marzka even have a dog?)

One Nextdoor user clearly explained that Marzka was running a fake campaign, but still confused some commenters.

“Republican candidates are literally a joke,” wrote one user.

“Why is he a joke?” Another user answered seriously.

“He says here literally his candidacy is a joke. I don’t use” literally “here as an intensifier or in a figurative sense. It’s a joke candidate, “the user replied.

Screenshot taken from NEXT DOOR

Screenshot taken from Nextdoor

Ironically, Edgewood’s CC Mellor Memorial Library featured Marzka on the “Meet Candidates” web page, probably because he was formally voting on Republican ballots rather than the candidate being written. increase.

The library has published the priorities of his office, which Marzka himself called unreasonable.

“As a politician, I feel obliged to make some unreasonable promises. Therefore, if elected, I will abolish taxes and print money to fund below.

  • A moving walkway replaces the sidewalk.
  • Build a retractable dome over Wedgwood in case it rains or snows.
  • Tacos Tuesday will be an official, workless, holiday for everyone.
  • Free massage whenever someone is having a bad day.
  • Find someone in the car and tickle until you agree to stop.
  • Everyone lives forever.

Just by looking at Marzka’s poster, it’s clear that his campaign was a joke.Don’t do Pittsburgh City Paper Encourages people to run for the office as a literal joke, but some of Marzka’s posts are pretty interesting.

But when Rubber went out on the road, Edgewood voters felt better and rejected Marzka on election day. Marzka won only 110 votes and was defeated by 80 points. This is worse than the performance Donald Trump got in 2020 and 2016. This was already one of the worst performances for Edgewood Republicans.

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Navy Post Alert: Edgewood Joke Candidates Confused Social Media Users, But Voters Didn’t Confuse | Opinions | Pittsburgh

Source link Navy Post Alert: Edgewood Joke Candidates Confused Social Media Users, But Voters Didn’t Confuse | Opinions | Pittsburgh

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