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Naturalland has announced the permanent preservation of 15 acres of land in Franklin Township, Chester County. In addition to protecting scenic landscapes, forests and meadows, the Conservation Easement guarantees protection of over 600 feet of tributaries to East Branch White Clay Creek.

Water from this unnamed tributary eventually flows into Delaware and serves as the primary drinking water source for New Castle County, including the city of Wilmington. White Clay Creek joins the Christina River in Wilmington, about a mile from the confluence with the Delaware River. The entire White Clay Creek basin has been designated as a “Wild Scenic River”. This is a federal classification of waterways with excellent natural and cultural value.

The conservation program was carried out by Sophie Homsey’s adult children Andrew Read Homsey and Darag Burgess, and her widow David Niles. Sophie, who had her lifelong passion in nature, died in 2019. Dollarg, Andrew and David wanted to preserve their property in her memory.

Andrew Homzy said: She has spent countless hours exploring the land, observing flora and fauna, strengthening habitats and raising non-human inhabitants and visitors. The changing seasons, the comings and goings of immigrants, and the discovery of plant species were all equally wonderful to her. “

Conservation easement is a legally binding contract that permanently restricts the use of real estate for all current and future owners of the land. In addition to preventing fragmentation and development, the Homsey Conservation Easement limits activities that can produce soil-bearing runoffs and sediments, especially on steep slopes, forests, and stream edges of properties. Imposing.

“As climate-related natural disasters such as storms and extreme floods occur in our region, the importance of preserved open spaces such as Homsey properties becomes increasingly apparent,” said Natural Lands President. One Oliver Bass said. “In fact, Chester County’s groundbreaking study, Return to the Environment: The economic value of protected open spaces is due to the free flood control and water pollution services provided by the natural region in our region. Shows that it can save nearly $ 400 million in rainwater costs. We applaud the Homsey family for choosing this meaningful way to pay tribute to Sophie Homsey. “

The acquisition of the Homsey Property Conservation Easement was funded by the Chester County Conservation Easement Program, along with a donation of value from the land owner. The National Park Service through Franklin Township, the Virginia Cretella Mars Foundation, and the White Clay Wild and Scenic Rivers Program also funded the cost of the project. Franklin Township and Chester County have provided stewardship funding to Naturalland for the permanent monitoring, management, and enforcement of conservation easements.

Chester County Commissioners Marian Moskowitz, Josh Maxwell and Michelle Kicklein said: This is a perfect example of the environmental and economic value of open space conservation that Chester County residents have supported for over 30 years, and how the focus on land conservation is for areas and people across county boundaries. It shows how it has a positive effect. “

“Franklin Township is excited to see such beautiful land held as undeveloped land. This is a true asset in preserving the countryside characteristics of Landenberg.” Said Paul Overton, a member of Franklin Township’s Parks and Open Space Board. “The Homsey Property is adjacent to the land of the existing Homeowners Association, creating a large green road corridor for wildlife, and the Homsey family can be enjoyed as the township creates trails. Thank you very much and praise your connection with Natural Lands. “

“Protecting this property was one of my mother’s stated goals and her beloved hope,” said Andrew Homsey. “Landenberg’s personality has changed a lot around her all the while there, but her interest in keeping her little parts as natural as possible has always been very important to her. Her family , I am very pleased that her vision is permanently realized and guaranteed for the benefit of the entire community. “

Natural Land is dedicated to preserving and nurturing the wonders of nature while creating opportunities for joy and discovery outdoors for all. As the oldest and largest land conservation organization in the Greater Philadelphia region, member-backed Natural Land has protected more than 125,000 acres, including 42 nature reserves and one public garden. Under the protection of the organization, nearly 5 million people live within 5 miles of the land. Land for life, nature for all.

Naturalland permanently preserves Landenberg’s assets – Daily Local

Source link Naturalland permanently preserves Landenberg’s assets – Daily Local

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