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A New national report card It has given Pennsylvania a C-plus that demonstrates the strength of the medical marijuana law six years ago and recommends many changes and improvements as the state’s qualified patients continue to rise in rank.

Report edited by a California-based advocacy group Americans for secure accessPoints out that the state has acquired 46,000 new cases, up 15% from the last report card in 2020. According to the new report card, the Commonwealth is currently one of five states with more than 300,000 eligible medical marijuana patients.

As a result, policy makers need to focus on increasing access in states with 2,403 patients per retail store. Among them, it allows patients to grow a small number of plants at home for their own use.

Bipartisan law Now before the state Senate Will do just that. Bill sponsor, Senator Sharif Street, D-PhiladelphiaWhen Dan Laughlin, R-Erie, Insist on enabling self-growthAs proponents have mentioned, “it helps reduce the cost and accessibility burden of this important drug.”

Suggestions are some one before the present Senate Law and Judiciary Committee“It will greatly help Pennsylvania citizens meet their health needs every day and ensure that everyone is treated fairly and equitably. [the state’s medical marijuana law].. “

Early this monthSenate Panel, Chair Senator Mike Regan, R-YorkHeld the first legislative hearing on legal adult cannabis. ReganFormer U.S. Marshal, Sponsoring the bill in the Senate..

MP Chris Rabb, D-Philadelphia (via image)

On the side of the House of Parliament, the state Congressman Chris Rabb, D-PhiladelphiaOne of the hottest progressives in the House of Representatives, said Wednesday in favor of a number of bills that would help fill some of the gaps highlighted by the new report card.

The state has a particularly low score on two key indicators on the report card, 80/100 for patient rights and civil protection, and health and social equity, including accessibility in poorly serviced communities. Earn 43/100 on the issue of.

Bills Labbu Above all, you will be a sponsor:

LabbuWith some house colleagues, Co-sponsor of a non-binding resolution Request the federal government to remove cannabis from the list of addictive and dangerous substances.


LabbuAlso a patient with medical cannabis, the state needs to step up its medical cannabis program to further protect the hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians who have become legitimate consumers of the drug in consultation with their doctors. There is. “

As a patient / consumer Labbu “I am grateful that Pennsylvania has legalized the use of this plant for medicinal purposes,” he added. I also strongly support the legalization of adult cannabis in a responsible and impartial manner. “

Pennsylvania Capitol. (Photo of Capital Star by Kathy Mirror.)

Harrisburg’s official budget season. Marley Diocese Layout everything you need to know About the nasty dance that starts with this month’s budget hearing and hopefully the final spending plan will pass before midnight on June 30th.

Top Republican in the Pennsylvania Senate Complained against rival candidate governor Controversial Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano, R-FranklinTo submit an incomplete election fund report, Stephen Caruso Report.

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania I chose a map Submitted by voters backed by a national group in collaboration with the Democratic Party as a map of the next federal parliament, Stephen Caruso I’ll report again.

The influx of federal grants Used to provide and expand support services for pregnant and postpartum Pennsylvania citizens With substance use disorder, Cathy mirror Report.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers wants President Joe Biden Consult with Parliament in accordance with the Constitution Before putting the U.S. military into hostilities in Ukraine, Capital Star Washington Reporter Ariana Figueroa Write.

US Supreme Court Agreed to hear Colorado proceedings Whether state anti-discrimination law can force Christian graphic designers to create wedding websites for same-sex couples, even if doing so contradicts her religious views. Sarah WilsonOf our brothers site, Colorado news lineReport.

The Philadelphia Board of Education Have Targeted March to publicly announce finalists Considered as the director of the next school in the next city, to hold a series of public meetings with their respective partners, Philadelphia Tribune report.

This morning’s commentary page: Challenge the newly approved map of the State Capitol, Pa.Republicans have shown us who they are, Mark Steer,of Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, Write.And when the pandemic loosens its grip and he celebrates his birthday, a regular opinion Lloyd E. Schiefer Looking forward to re-engagement With the world.

Vilseck, Germany – February 9: Soldiers of the US Army’s 2nd Squadron and 2nd Cavalry Regiment drawn during the preparation of an armored fighting vehicle before being deployed in Romania on February 9, 2022 in Vilseck, Germany. It has been. The army will join other US troops already there as part of the coordinated deployment of NATO troops throughout Eastern Europe. This effort is part of NATO’s response to the massive build-up of Russian troops at the Ukrainian border, which raises international concerns about the imminent Russian military aggression. (Photo by Alexandra Bayer / Getty Images)

War in Ukraine
President Joe Biden Have Pledged further sanctions after Russia The invasion of Ukraine began overnight. White House Condemned the attack.

Russia President Vladimir Putin Threatening “People trying to thwart intrusion”, New York Times Report.

Parents run down Everything known so far About aggression.Western leader Condemned the aggressionThe newspaper also reports.

United States of America Bet on Putin flashing under pressure from the west – He didn’t, Sydney Morning Herald Report.

This is the view from France Lemond, When the invasion begins..

Putin teeth “Settlement with the West” By aggression – via Der Spiegel..

Here is today’s #Pennsylvania Instagram:

Pennsylvania news
Inquirer See if it’s a map of the new Parliament in Pennsylvania Suitable for Republicans and Democrats..

morning Call look carefully How the new map will affect Lehigh Valley..

Citizen’s voiceIn the meantime, let’s take a look Impact of the new map on northeastern Pennsylvania..

City and state Pa. Offer Analysis of newly approved maps..

some Tree of life Survivor I have a tattoo To help them through their sorrow Post gusset Report.

In another winter storm heading to Pennsylvania PennLive Run through road restrictions State announced Ministry of Transport..

US Congressman Lloyd Smucker, R-11 Ward, I have a major challenge, Lancaster Online Report.

In Erie, the public health authority is rIt is recommended that endangered children continue to wear masks, GoErie Report.

(Via image

What’s happening
10am, Hearing Room 1 North Office Building: Senate Expenditure Committee.Correctional Bureau / Probation Committee and Budget Hearing for Parole
1:00 pm, 60 East Wing: House Game & Fisheries Committee

What’s happening (naked political version)
5:30 pm: Reception Rep. Perry Stambaugh
6:00 pm: Reception Stan Sailor When Todd Stevens
Get on the circuit and give up to $ 6,000 today, which is a bit ridiculous.

Governor Tom Wolfe There are two events today.At 11:00 am he ups A hub in Middletown, Dauphin County, highlighting the state’s economic growth. At 2:00 pm, he heads to Philadelphia to advertise his plans to spend $ 1.7 billion in federal funding on various initiatives.

You say it’s your birthday department
Please go out this morning Penn Live’s Jenna WiseReaders and lawyers Bill FultonHarrisburg, and an old friend Jen RehillNews director WLVR-FM In Lehigh Valley.

Heavy Rotation
This is the new solo track from Eric Hilton of Geeberry Corporation.. this is ‘Artif 22.. “

Thursday’s free hockey rink
Montreal Buffalo Sabers blank 4-0 on Wednesday. It was 4 consecutive wins HubWho was Stanley Cup It’s a candidate for last season, but it’s struggling this year.

And now you are up to date.

National Report Card Gives Pennsylvania C Plus Medical Marijuana Law | Thursday’s Morning Coffee

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