Narberth Ambulance to provide NARCAN kits to families in need at home

Lower Merion – At the end of EMS Week, a local ambulance company found another way to give back to the community providing the service.

From May 15th to May 21st, it was declared EMS Week. During this time, both citizens and politicians thank the members of the local emergency medical services for the work they do throughout the year.

“Every day, emergency medical service (EMS) providers prioritize the needs of the community over their needs to respond to crises, treat injuries and save lives,” the White House declares. I am saying. “Their heroism is fully demonstrated throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, as resilient EMS workers across the country are providing essential care to Americans this year. The theme of Emergency Medical Services Week, “Rising to the Challenge,” pays homage to brave frontline professionals who are constantly striving to help fellow Americans get immediate medical care at the time they need most. Represents. “

However, there is a growing problem in society that EMS crew members continue to deal with deaths from overdose.

Recent headings New York Times “Fentanyl-contaminated pills increase drug deaths among adolescents,” he suggests.

The The Wall Street Journal Same as the recent headline “Fentanyl overdose is rising rapidly”.

A program through Montgomery County is now allowing Narberth Ambulance to provide NARCAN kits at home to families who may need them.

“We can leave NARCAN with families who need it,” said Chris Flanagan, Chief Operating Officer of Narberth Ambulance. “Therefore, if you respond to the call for drug overdose, you can leave NARCAN at home to your family. We will provide it for free. No questions asked.”

Flanagan said he would treat patients as needed in the field, but if the need reoccurs, the kit can be distributed and used.

“I think this is a very positive way to help us save lives from overdose in the corresponding communities,” Flanagan said. “So this is a good way to help families save their loved ones or those staying in their homes and make a difference before our arrival.”

This program is managed throughout Montgomery County and is available throughout the Montgomery County Service Area in Narberth, Lower Merion, Narberth, Conshohocken, and West Conshohocken.

Numbers can fluctuate over time, but Narberth handles several overdose calls each month.

Home kits are considered safe and easy for the average person, unlike those used by paramedics and paramedics over the phone. Instructions are included with the box and can act as a life-saving bridge until the ambulance arrives.

Narberth Ambulance to provide NARCAN kits to families in need at home

Source link Narberth Ambulance to provide NARCAN kits to families in need at home

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