Naomi Campbell Sacrifices “Soulmate” | Celebrity

Naomi Campbell had to “sacrifice” finding a “soulmate” for her career.

The 51-year-old supermodel has never been married, but was previously engaged to U2 bassist Adam Clayton and businessman Flavio Briatore, and had romantic relationships with Leonardo DiCaprio, Asher, Robert De Niro, Skepta, Liam Payne and more. I am. As a result of her dedication to work, her personal life is suffering.

Asked what she had sacrificed, she told Cut: “I think the sacrifice is to find a soulmate who really understands you. It’s really like you that they feel like they’re looking at you … you know, I’m strong , I am also sensitive. I know that relationships have to be compromised. “

However, Naomi, who announced in May that she became the mother of a baby girl by surrogacy, claimed she was not alone because she had a great support system.

She said: “I’m not here alone. It’s simple and small. I just want to enjoy a fulfilling time with your loved one. I want to prosper my friends. . You want to protect the one you love.

“And most importantly, remember to say” thank you “when I reach out to people and when I need help, understanding and guidance.

“You never know when that person needs to help you or guide you again.”

And the founder of Fashion For Relief feels that the trip has “saved” her, so she can comfortably travel to the world.

She states: “Travel feels like saving my life in many ways. I’m not afraid of the world. I think the world is an optimistic dream.

“I am a global citizen.”

Naomi Campbell Sacrifices “Soulmate” | Celebrity

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