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A local entrepreneur with decades of experience teaching students through music will lead Musicopia’s drumline program.

Antoine J. Mapp is the new director of the Musicopia Drumlines program. Map, who was on the drum line himself as a kid, said he was grateful for this new opportunity.

“Being on the drum line as a kid provided a positive exit, touched culture, taught discipline, and showed us something other than negative,” Map said.

“I am grateful that Musicopia Drumlines students can enjoy the same benefits,” he said. “I look forward to working with this organization to introduce music programs to schools.

“I plan to bring excitement, entertainment, and fun to my kids, and that’s why they’re back,” he added. “I’m excited about the challenge.”

Musicopia, a program that provides children with the opportunity to experience, learn, play and appreciate music, launched the Drumlines After School Program in 2005.

The award-winning percussion program is open to grades 3-12 for all skill levels.

The program is offered at various schools within the Philadelphia school district, including Hill Friedman World Leadership Academy, Parkway Northwest, Martin Luther King High School, Kensington Creative and Performing Arts High School, William H. Hunter School, and Bertram High School. ..

Musicopia’s executive director, Catherine Charlton, said the organization is looking forward to working with Mapp.

“Antoine has an extraordinary passion for serving young people,” said Catherine Charlton, Executive Director of Musicpia. “He has been passionate about using music for over 30 years as a way to build communities and keep his neighborhood safe.

“We are definitely looking forward to learning from his experience,” she added. “It also helps more young people in Philadelphia benefit from his vision and dreams of using percussion to keep children safe, build communities and change their lives with music. I’m happy to be able to do it. “

Originally from West Philadelphia, Map graduated from college and high school. He later attended the University of Chainy, where he graduated from a bachelor’s degree in business administration in accounting and a minor in computer programming.

He joined West Powellton Steppers and Drum Squad at the age of 11 under the guidance of his grandmother Elisewise. The following year he became the captain of the drum line. At the age of 15, he became a high school mentor in Philadelphia.

He later became director of the West Powellton Steppers and Drum Squad at the age of 20, and continues to hold that position. He is also the director of Stixers, the official drumline for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Mapp owns a company named West Powelton Entertainment LLC. The company provides a safe haven for young people in the city center and teaches financial literacy.

“Everything I do is about the community,” Map said. “I gave up my career as an accountant and did what I was doing full time. This is my passion.

“We know what our young people are experiencing every day,” he said. “Because I lived on my own, I understand the battles and struggles that are taking place in the community.

“I also recognize that playing music and drums is also a way to keep young people away from the streets,” he added. “For me, it’s not just about giving back to the community. It’s also about saving lives. It inspires the next generation and gives them the opportunity to succeed not only in school but also in everyday life. That is. “

Map said it was diligence, self-confidence, and personality that students wanted to take away from the drumline program.

“It’s not a bad thing to be different,” Map said. “I remember when I first started playing the drums, the drums weren’t accepted. At that time, people didn’t understand it in the community or neighborhood, so it was perceived as cool. I didn’t.

“We want them to know that whatever they like and enjoy, they can always find coolness in it,” he added. “‘If you believe in a dream, you will be a dream.'”

Musicopia Announces New Director of Drumline Program | Lifestyle

Source link Musicopia Announces New Director of Drumline Program | Lifestyle

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