Movie 21 vs Reality: Is counting cards real?

Do you love card counting? Or are you a fan of Blackjack? If so, then you’ve probably heard or watched the movie, Movie 21, right? This movie is one of the most controversial topics in the world of gambling. In blackjack, card counting or also called card reading is pretty common in that game.

But how does it work? Well, the player relies on their mental capacity to note down all the numbers they see and try to remember them. And once they have finally analyzed the game, they can decide whether they have the advantage to win in the next game or not. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

Movie 21

In this movie, Ben Campbell, the main character, becomes part of the most intelligent students wherein they train them to become professionals in the card counting system. They use fake identities to travel and use their skills to win millions in casinos.

Is card counting possible in real life?

To answer your question, card counting is possible and is real. Though it sounds pretty easy in movies, in real life, it can be hard. You need to have a great memory and power of deduction or else you will lose all your money.

The job of a card counter is just simple, they only need to know If there are more high cards or low cards played. If there are more high cards, then it means that the remaining cards will have low cards and vice versa.

Most card counters use strategies and one of the most common is assigning a value to a particular group. According to this principle, card counters will follow every card played and add value for every hand, including the dealer’s hand until the end of the round. Then they will place higher bets if the count is positive since they will know if they have the advantage in the game or not.

But what about online casinos? We’ve checked with gambling experts from Exycasinos. It’s not prohibited but useless. Most online casinos force card shuffling after finishing any hand.

Overall, card counting is technically possible, but not all casinos approve it and consider it cheating, and so our advice for you is to relax and play games for fun which is the reason they exist in the first place.

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