Morrissey Compares COVID-19 Blockage to Slavery | Celebrities

Morrissey compared the blockade of COVID-19 with slavery.

Smith’s singer, who has voiced his opposition to the blockade, said “freedom is restricted” and compared the British government to “the emperor of China.”

In an interview with his nephew Sam Estee Reiner on the official website, Sam said: Bristol canal. “

And Morrissey replied: “Exactly. And now, like taxes and council taxes, and all other ways we are identified and tracked, more and more people are being driven into another form of slavery, poverty. The government acts like an emperor of China … “If you act yourself, we allow you to live like us.”

Morrissey, 62, also called the Covid pandemic “combined” and said it “caused the worst of the people.”

He states: “The problem is that no one can agree with anyone anymore. This is Con-vid’s main achievement. This has caused the worst for people and we have never been together. We have never been together. Deprived of others. Seeing and hearing others, and above all, because this is the basic oxygen of the human soul, others seeing and hearing what they see and hear. I want to be with people.

When asked if he believed that a revolution would occur, Locker replied: “No, tanks will soon turn their backs on people. Police will give them all the answers they lie. Already trained to believe it is. This is nothing but it has something to do with me. That’s exactly what it is. “

Morrissey Compares COVID-19 Blockage to Slavery | Celebrities

Source link Morrissey Compares COVID-19 Blockage to Slavery | Celebrities

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