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Kyiv, Ukraine (AP) —More than 900 civilians were found in the Kyiv area after the withdrawal of Russian troops, the regional police chief said in a briefing on Friday.

Andrey Nebitov, head of Kyiv’s local police, said the body was abandoned on the street or temporarily buried. He quoted police data showing that 95% died from gunshot wounds.

“As a result, under (Russian) occupation, we understand that people were simply executed on the streets,” Nebitov said.

He added that more bodies are found every day under the rubble and in mass graves.

“The most casualties were in Bucha, which has more than 350 corpses,” he said.

This is the latest news update. The previous story of AP is as follows.

Kyiv, Ukraine (AP) —Russian Ministry of Defense promised to intensify missile attacks on the Ukrainian capital on Friday in response to alleged Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory.

The threat of an intensifying attack on Kieu came after Russian officials accused Ukraine of seven injuries and about 100 homes damaged by airstrikes in Bryansk, a region bordering Ukraine. Authorities in another Russian border region also reported Ukrainian bombardment on Thursday.

“The number and magnitude of missile attacks on Kyiv’s stuff will increase in response to Kyiv’s nationalist government committing terrorist attacks and diversions on Russian territory,” said Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry. Let’s do it. “

Russia issued a warning while preparing for a new attack in eastern Ukraine. Meanwhile, locals in the southeastern city of Mariupol reported seeing Russian troops digging up their bodies.

In Kyiv, the new bombardment could mean the stable screams of the air raid sirens heard early in the invasion and the return to a horrifying night evacuating to a subway station. After the Russian troops were unable to occupy the city and withdrew to concentrate in eastern Ukraine, tentative signs of prewar life resurfaced in the capital, leaving evidence of possible war crimes.

Ukrainian authorities have not confirmed the target of the attack in Russia and could not independently verify the report.

However, Ukrainian officials said their troops attacked major Russian warships with missiles. If so, the reported Wednesday attack on the guided-missile cruiser Moskva, named after the Russian capital, would be an important victory for Ukraine and a symbolic defeat for Russia.

The warship sank while being towed to the port on Thursday after being severely damaged in a controversial situation. Moscow admitted a fire on board, but not an attack. US and other Western officials could not determine the cause of the flame.

Moscow was capable of carrying 16 long-range cruise missiles. If the Ukrainian army removed this ship, she could have been the largest warship sunk in battle since 1982. A British submarine attacked an Argentine Navy cruiser called ARA General Belgrano during the Falklands War, killing more than 300 sailors.

When Russian warships sank, Russia’s firepower in the Black Sea diminished, but military analysts disagreed on the importance of this event in the course of the war. In any case, this loss was seen as symbolizing Moscow’s fate in the seven-week aggression, widely seen as a historic blunder after the withdrawal from the Kyiv region and much of northern Ukraine.

“The” flagship “Russian warship is a valuable diving site. There is another dive spot in the Black Sea. After winning the war, he will definitely visit the shipwreck, “Ukrainian Defense Minister Olexi Reznikov proudly tweeted on Friday.

In his nightly speech on Thursday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky should be proud to have survived 50 days under the Russian attack when the invaders “gave us up to five”. I told the Ukrainians.

Russia’s warning about the new airstrikes did not stop Kieu residents from taking advantage of sunny, slightly warmer spring days as the weekend approached. On Friday, more people were out on the street, walking dogs, riding electric scooters, and holding hands.

In one central park, a few people, including a woman dressed in the Ukrainian flag, danced to the music on a portable speaker.

Residents reported an overnight explosion in part of Kyiv, but it was not clear which location was targeted.

News about Moscow obscured Russia’s claims of progress in the southern port city of Mariupol, which Moscow’s troops had blocked from the early days of the invasion. A declining number of Ukrainian defenders opposed the siege that had made horrific sacrifices to trapped and hungry civilians.

Mayor Mariupol said more than 10,000 civilians have died this week and the death toll could exceed 20,000. Other Ukrainian officials said they were hoping to find evidence of atrocities against civilians in Mariupol, such as those found in towns other than Bucha and Kyiv.

The Mariupol City Council said on Friday that locals had seen Russian troops dig up the bodies buried in the courtyards of their homes and not allow new burials “of those killed by them.”

“It’s unclear why the excavation is taking place and where the bodies are taken,” the council said in a Telegram messaging app.

The Russian occupation in the south, which came through the annexed Crimean Peninsula due to the occupation of Mariupol, was able to fully cooperate with the troops in the Donbus region, which is the center of eastern industry in Ukraine and the target of the oncoming attack. increase.

Moscow-backed separatists have been fighting Ukrainian troops in Donbus since 2014. That same year, Russia seized Crimean from Ukraine. Russia recognizes the independence of two regions dominated by rebels in the region.

It is unclear when Russia will launch a full-scale campaign, but Russian local officials said on Friday after Russian troops fired on a bus carrying civilians in the village of Borovaya near the northeastern city of Kharkov. Seven people were killed and 27 were injured. The claim could not be verified independently.

Dmytro Chubenko, a spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office, told the Ukrainian Suspilne News website that Ukrainian authorities have filed criminal proceedings in connection with allegations of “violations of war laws and practices combined with planned murder.” Told.

More than 50 people were killed in a big explosion in the eastern city of Kramatorsk, where a missile was launched at a train station a week ago, waiting for thousands to leave warning of evacuation from the Donbus area. ..

Kramatorsk’s Associated Press journalist heard the sound of rockets and missiles, then the blast, and the sirens cried on Friday. It was not immediately clear what was struck or if there were any casualties. The day before, a factory in the same city was hit by an airstrike.

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Friday that a Russian strike in the Kharkov region “liquidated a squad of mercenaries from a Polish private military company” and “liberated” Mariupol’s steel elements. The claim could not be verified independently.

On Thursday, the Pentagon explained the damage to Moscow, saying the fire had detonated ammunition on board. Apart from cruise missiles, Moscow was also equipped with air defense missiles and other guns.

The ministry did not say what caused the flames, but reported that usually about 500 crew members abandoned the ship. It was not clear if there were any casualties.

Maxim Marchenko, Governor of the Black Sea Region of Ukraine in Odesa, said Ukrainian troops attacked Moscow with two Neptune missiles, causing “serious damage.” Neptune is an anti-ship missile recently developed by Ukraine based on an early Soviet design.

According to the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies, missile systems can hit targets up to 280 kilometers (175 miles) away. It would have put Moscow within range, based on the position of the ship when the fire began.

Other Russian ships in the northern Black Sea have moved further south after the Moscow incident, US senior defense officials said they had discussed internal military assessments, subject to anonymity.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, with the goal of occupying Kyiv, overthrowing the government and establishing a Moscow-friendly government, according to Western officials. Since then, it has caused thousands of military casualties. The conflict killed countless Ukrainian citizens and fled millions more.


Fish reported from Kramatorsk. Associated Press journalists around the world have contributed to this report.

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More than 900 private organizations found in the Kyiv region – thereporteronline

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