Montgomery County will hold a hearing during the 2022 budget season

Norristown — Thursday, locals and officials had the opportunity to comment on the 2022 budget for Montgomery County.

Members of the Montgomery County Commission held two hearings focusing on the proposed 2022 budget and the five-year capital improvement plan.

Dean Dorton, Chief Financial Officer of Montgomery County, released figures last month. The county faces a $ 12 million deficit and an 8% property tax hike.

At a meeting on November 18, Dorton recorded a budget proposed in 2022 of $ 486.6 million in revenue and $ 498.6 million in spending, raising the county’s real estate tax rate from 3.623 mils to 3.923 mils. He added that it will be done. Real estate owners of single-family homes with an average market price of $ 381,000 will pay an additional $ 49 a year, he said.

According to Dorton, Montgomery County Community College prices will remain unchanged at 0.39 mils.

Val Arkuche, chairman of the Montgomery County Commission, said at a budget hearing Thursday morning that a copy of the 2022 budget would be available directly and online at

“We look forward to taking your comments into account when making the final consideration of this budget,” said Arkoosh.

Attendance during the morning session was sparse, but Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele appeared to make some remarks.

“I’m here this morning because national, state-wide, and local law enforcement agencies are facing a crisis of recruitment and maintenance,” Steele said. “I think this is, at least in part, due to the lack of actual or perceived support for those engaged in this important public security activity.”

During a three-minute speech to the county commissioner’s trio, Steele expressed budgetary concerns to the departments under his jurisdiction.

“When we look at the 34 understaffed prosecutors, the salaries of the positions we hold are below the salaries of the prosecutors across the country and the federal government. Above the level,” he said. Said.

Steele also said that the difference in living cost adjustments at the state and county levels was 5.6%, compared to 2.7% each.

“It won’t be enough to help hire and retain our people,” he said.

A vote on the 2022 budget and CIP will take place on December 16th at 10 am at the Montgomery County Commission.

If you are interested in submitting additional comments, you can do so by sending an email to

Montgomery County will hold a hearing during the 2022 budget season

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