Montgomery County raises 62,000 flags to honor veterans who have fallen on Memorial Day

NORRISTOWN — Veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice to serve their country will be honored in Montgomery County for their anniversary.

According to Dennis Miller, Veterans Affairs Officer, the American flag will be placed outside the Montgomery County Courthouse and in graveyards throughout Montgomery County.

According to Miller, more than 62,000 flags have been issued to more than 60 organizations, “the most distributed so far.” He added that the flags would be placed by volunteers from those organizations in more than 200 graveyards.

“Most of the flag placement will take place this weekend, some of which will take place on Memorial Day,” Miller said at a meeting of the Montgomery County Commission on May 19.

Anniversary takes place on Monday. Additional information and where to put the flag can be found on the Montgomery County Office website for veteran issues at Those interested in receiving the “Flag Owner” can also apply online or call 610-278-3285.

Miller emphasized that Memorial Day was a depressing opportunity for military members as they remember their fallen companions. He recommended that people observe accordingly.

“Memorial Day is a solemn anniversary for veterans,” he said. “We see a lot of Happy Memorial Day stuff, and … I don’t know about Happy Memorial Day.”

“Maybe if you say’have you had a good anniversary?’It’s important to me, and for many veterans it’s the day when dead sailors are with me all day, so it’s kind of to us. It’s a solemn day, “he continued. “I just wanted to get it out there.”

In addition, Miller said that each flag placed in the courthouse symbolizes 1,000 veterans recorded in the institution’s database. He said that not all veterans’ final breaks are in the graveyard.

“Some of them have ashes spread or are in the mantel of someone’s house, but they also need a flag,” Miller says. “That’s the purpose of 78, just to make sure everyone is covered.” According to a county spokesman, the flag will be placed at 4:30 pm on Thursday.

The county secretary thanked Miller for his efforts.

“Mr. Miller, thank you very much, and thank you for the incredible outreach you have made throughout our county,” said Commissioner Chairman Val Arkuche. “You really feel connected with many groups and this effort is very coordinated and very organized. Thank you.”

Joe Gale, Commissioner of Montgomery County, agreed.

“Thank you for what you have done to honor our fallen hero,” he said.

In another press release, White Marsh Memorial Park announced an opportunity to respect this anniversary at Ambler’s Lime Kiln Pike Cemetery. The ceremony is Saturday at 9am. Sunday 2 pm, Memorial Day 9 am-4pm. Over 2,000 flags are expected to be placed in the graveyard during the weekend, so bagpipes, music and speakers will be introduced. An additional 400 flags will be on display along Flag Avenue at the White Marsh Memorial Park, according to a spokeswoman.

Montgomery County raises 62,000 flags to honor veterans who have fallen on Memorial Day

Source link Montgomery County raises 62,000 flags to honor veterans who have fallen on Memorial Day

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