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Bluebell-Montgomery County Community College and professional services company Aon plc are celebrating a new apprentice collaboration that will help students get an advanced start in career development while earning an associate degree.

“Professional apprenticeships like this model provide students with the opportunity to establish a career that provides wages to sustain their families, bring a comprehensive economic recovery to our community, and at the same time give employers the global market. We provide the talented and skilled workers needed to compete in. ” Dr. Victoria L. Bastecchi Perez, Chairman of MCCC. “We are pleased to celebrate this precious relationship with Aon.”

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Aon’s US Apprenticeship Program in the Greater Philadelphia region is a two-year program that combines work experience at Aon with classroom learning at school at MCCC. As a “learning and earning” model, Aon pays apprentices salaries and allowances to cover tuition, books, and fees for apprentices to earn an associate degree. Aon launched a US apprenticeship program in the first cohort of 26 apprentices at its Chicago office in 2017.

Aon then expanded its program to Philadelphia, Houston, Minneapolis, New York, Northern California, and Washington, DC. In the Philadelphia program, Aon’s apprentices work at one of Aon’s regional offices in Philadelphia, Ladner, and Fort. Washington, while attending class.

“The latest cohort has increased Aon’s program from 26 to over 100,” said Meghan Parilla, Aon’s Vice President of Global Early Career – Apprenticeship. “Without the apprentices themselves, that growth would not have been possible. They are extraordinary employees and colleagues.”

Upon successful completion of the two-year program, graduates will receive an associate degree from MCCC, a US Department of Labor accreditation, and a full-time full-time offer at Aon. Students must maintain good academic performance and meet all Aon performance standards at work for completion.

“Talents are evenly distributed to the workforce in the Philadelphia metropolitan area,” said Mark Armstrong, Aon’s Managing Principal. “But opportunities, college degrees, and corporate career access-these aren’t evenly distributed. Apprentices take advantage of the full range of talents and abilities that exist here in Philadelphia to pursue a family-sustaining career. The MCCC is very important for efforts to help expand the program here. We expect more local employers to adopt this model. “

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. employment market faces a serious skill gap, employers have many jobs, but workers lack the skills needed to carry out their jobs. I am. Aon’s US Apprenticeship Program allows students to study at work to achieve those skills while earning a college degree.

“By removing financial barriers and providing full access to career training, support and employment, the relationship with Aon is the MCCC’s key workforce and economic partner,” said Montgomery County Commission Vice-Chair. But it proves a reason. ” “We are proud of the innovative way MCCC continues to build a pipeline of skilled talent to help the local economy.”

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The collaboration between MCCC and Aon will help strengthen the workforce in the region.

Jennifer Butler, Executive Director of MoncoWorks, said: “College has proven to be an integral part of the workforce system here in Montgomery County and faces the challenges presented to all of us by COVID-19. I am able to participate in this program. We are proud to support its development as we move towards a vibrant and equitable recovery here in Montgomery County. “

The MCCC’s first eight student cohort got a job at Aon in August and began classes at the MCCC this fall to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in the College of Liberal Arts. Apprentices work 40 hours a week at Aon and are dedicated to attending classes.

Originally from Norristown, Khalil Bullock spent five years in retail and grew from a sales style to a talent manager. He also leverages talent management skills in his role as an Aon apprentice in HR. Even months later, he said: The whole experience is focused on community and growth. “

Students will participate in professional development through Aon’s US Apprenticeship Program, in addition to classroom work and learning skills for their role, to help them thrive and adapt in the corporate environment.

Learn more about Aon’s US Apprenticeship Program. Employers interested in launching a similar program can check the apprentice playbook or email.

Montgomery County Community College and Aon Celebrate Apprentice Collaboration – thereporteronline

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