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Jupiter, Florida (AP) — Commissioner Rob Manfred and Deputy Prime Minister Dan Hallem negotiate to end the lockout before the start of the regular season on March 31 and the deadline for Major League Baseball to save 162 games. Schedule to meet the players on the last Monday.

Emotions became even hotter as both sides pushed each other’s earnings up for the deal.Philadelphia star Bryce Harper I posted a photo on Instagram Wearing a Japanese baseball uniform, “What about the Yomiuri Giants? It took me a while to kill.”

Yankees pitcher Jameson Taillon, who participated in the negotiations last week, said Tweet: “Players are accustomed to their” threat “. Owner behavior has long revealed that they still have a set number of games that are making money / making money on TV. They don’t want to play. It’s sad that these are the people who drive the direction and “future” of our great sport. “

Both sides agreed to arrive at Roger Dean Stadium at 10 am, three hours earlier than usual. It was the eighth consecutive day of talks between the Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals at a vacant spring training home.

There was a series of sessions throughout the day, and Manfred met the union twice. MLB Vice President Morgan Sword and Colorado CEO Dick Monfort Harem also attended the meeting.

Only Mets pitcher Max Scherzer and free agent relief pitcher Andrew Mylar were at hand.

The lockout was on the 89th day. MLB does not set an exact time to the deadline. Therefore, if both parties confirm the transaction within reach, the negotiation session may be dawning.

The sides were still far away, but the pressure was rising. According to an Associated Press survey, players lose $ 20.5 million in salaries each canceled day of the season, and 30 teams lose a large amount of money that is difficult to identify.

Monday was chosen as the deadline because Manfred says he needs at least 28 days of training before the season begins. The union hasn’t said if they agree, and baseball has reduced spring training to just three weeks in the past.

Baseball’s first nine-time closure since 1995 began on December 2. The spring training game started on Saturday and had already been canceled until March 7.

Players and owners did not meet in person on Sunday.

Haylem called the union’s chief negotiator Bruce Meyer on Sunday morning, asking for a one-on-one session instead of the planned large group gathering.

It launched a series of four short meetings featuring an exchange of ideas that would give the union and MLB better ideas about the trade-offs needed to reach the end of the negotiations that began last spring.

Players and teams entered the deadline far away on many important issues and remained unresolved on other issues. The most controversial proposals are to change the luxury tax base and rate, the size of the new bonus pool for pre-arbitration players, the minimum salary, salary arbitration eligibility, and the club’s revenue sharing scheme. Includes union requests.

In addition, MLB is linking the abolition of direct free agent rewards to players who agree to raise the tax rate and wants to extend the playoffs to 14 teams instead of the union’s 12 teams. MLB continues to offer international amateur proposals. Draft table.

Since August 30, 2002, MLB is on the verge of losing a regular season match in a labor dispute. The union was set to strike at 3:20 pm, but about 25 hours of continuous meetings and caucuses reached an agreement at 11:45 am.

This year’s negotiations weren’t that frequent, but negotiations have gained momentum since the move from New York to Florida last week.

MLB is proposing to raise the luxury tax base from $ 210 million last season to $ 214 million this year and to $ 220 million by 2026. The team also wants a higher tax rate.

Players demanded a $ 245 million threshold this year, rising to $ 273 million by the final season.

The union wants to expand arbitration from the 22% cutoff since 2013 to include the top 35% in at least two seasons of Major League Baseball service and less than three seasons of player service time.

The union has proposed to distribute $ 115 million to 150 players in the pre-arbitration pool, and management wants to split $ 20 million into 30 players.

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MLB: Manfred, Union Meet Deadline to Save Opening | Ap-Sports

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