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Mike McDaniel’s style cannot and should not be ignored.

Miami Dolphins coaches avoid team-issued gear, wear NFL combine harvesters in the hottest spring colors, and accent their wardrobes with Burberry sneakers and Louis Vuitton backpacks all week long. I did.

At the NFL owners’ meeting, he wore a crisp white linen shirt and designer jeans to make South Florida look chic.

Then there’s an array of Yeezy sneakers that will impress all NFL players, including those who have their own excellent sneaker collection.

“There’s a fair amount,” McDaniel said on Tuesday when asked about the collection of Jejis, an expensive and hard-to-find adidas sneaker created by coach-worn musician and designer Kanye West. Told.

“I’m trying to overcome the shortcomings of my personality,” McDaniel joked with the nature of deadpan after pointing out that his entire wardrobe was finally on the road from California.

His style clearly catches your attention.

Expect the dolphin attacks that McDaniel hired to fix feature the same kind of hipster approach. Turning that unit to the top of the NFL’s productivity is the easiest way to make this franchise relevant again.

And it’s McDaniel’s job to set that trend.

“He’s a super genius,” said receiver Riverklacraft, who spent time with the 49ers with McDaniel. “That’s all you need to know. He’s smarter than anyone else, and he doesn’t offend everyone else.”

It’s cool to hear that type of praise from his players and his peers. But I’ve heard this before.

Former Dolphins coach Joe Philbin is believed to have been the revolutionary genius behind Mike McCarthy’s attack in Green Bay. The person you know who helped the future Hall of Fame Aaron Rodgers win his only championship.

It turned out to be a hoax.

When Adam Gase was appointed head coach of the Dolphins in 2016, he led Peyton Manning’s great success in Denver to the status of an “aggressive genius.” But with the exception of the 2016 season when Miami rode a tailback, the label also turned out to be fraudulent. A strong line of attack with Jay Ajay for the 10-win season, and the team’s final playoff berth.

From there, Gase’s attack was the lowest inhabitant until he was fired after the 2018 season and replaced by Brian Flores.

Flores turned out to be the person he was being advertised for, the male leader and defensive leader, but the type that can produce credible attacks that inject fear into hostile defenses. I couldn’t put together the staff.

This is where Flores’ successor, McDaniel, can set himself apart from his predecessor. He is responsible for building a run-heavy, play-action-based offense custom-made for quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. If that doesn’t happen, we may be looking at another wasted era.

After the Dolphins have experienced this offseason, only two can stop this attack and prevent it from reaching its potential. Aggressive linemen, Teren Armstead and Connor Williams, receivers Tyreek Hill, Cedric Wilson, rookie Eric Ezkamma, and tailback Chase Edmonds. Raheem Mostert and Sony Michel.

The first is the injuries faced by all teams.

And the second is the offensive line, which has usually squeezed and struggled with this franchise for over a decade.

Given that he has raised the NFL’s coaching rank by establishing a reputation as a run game specialist, it’s probably one of McDaniel’s strengths.

This explains why the focus on offensive lines this spring has improved Miami’s offensive trench play.

“As far as the off-season program is concerned, it takes about an hour and a half for about two weeks, or an hour and 45 minutes, so it’s mostly built for aggressive linemen on how to approach things. “Hey, we’re asking you to let the ball escape, we’re asking you to have these landmarks, we’re asking you not to hesitate “I’m out,” McDaniel said, referring to Phase 1 of the off-season program. “Then, in Phase 2, you can drill a hole.”

Running football is not stylish in today’s widespread, pass-happy, fantasy football-focused football era. However, coaches like McDaniel, who helped establish the attack in a physical hurry and helped the 49ers franchise turnaround, were able to get it back and reintroduced the ground and pound approach.

But that only happens if the dolphins were able to remove the flaws from what remained from last year’s dire attack line, and Miami produces not only efficient and effective attacks, but also execution-based attacks.

But even if you don’t try to emulate it, the style that the rest of the NFL praises.

Let’s see if he can become a trendsetter from stylish.


Mike McDaniel Must Make Dolphins Popular – Reading Eagle

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