Michelle Heaton “Gives Up Life” Before Going To Rehab | Celebrities

Michelle Heaton “gave up on life” before seeking treatment for her alcoholism.

Liberty X’s singer, who is open about fighting addiction, celebrated a year of drinking and admitted she “wants to die” after hitting the bottom of a rock.

She told Closer magazine:

A 42-year-old star (a 10-year-old child, an 8-year-old AJ and her husband Hugh Hanley) admits that the worst part of her struggle is her overcoming her family.

She added: She said, “I didn’t mind losing my family and friends. It was just where the next drink came from.

“My skin was gray, exhausted, my body was completely unrecognizable and full.”

And she revealed how to wait for her husband to go to bed before drinking vodka “at midnight.”

She said: “I vomit in the bathroom and then lied to the kids saying I have a terrible headache. And believe me, the mummy has a lot of terrible headaches. I was there.

“I feel very embarrassed and sad when I lie to Hugh. I waited until he went to bed and started drinking vodka at midnight.”

She says she has been working on her marriage since her 28-day rehab at The Priory last year.

She said: “I am now completely honest with Hugh and he feels like he has regained his wife.”

Michelle previously revealed that she hadn’t spent a day without alcohol for three years before checking in for rehab last April. Currently, she continues her 12-step program while attending her AA meeting.

Last September, she explained: “This is the first step, it has problems, and it is the most difficult to admit that it is powerless to drugs and alcohol.”

Michelle Heaton “Gives Up Life” Before Going To Rehab | Celebrities

Source link Michelle Heaton “Gives Up Life” Before Going To Rehab | Celebrities

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