Michael Constantin dies at age 94

Native Michael Constantine, the best-known actor for the Emmy Award-winning role as high school principal Seymour Kaufman in the 1969-1974 television series Room 222, and Windex’s father of bottle torting. I’m reading a depiction of a Costas “Gas” Portocalos. The bride in the 2002 movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” died on August 31 at the age of 94, and his family revealed on Wednesday.

Constantine’s brother-in-law, Michael Gordon, said Constantine died peacefully due to nature in his reader, surrounded by a family including his sisters Patricia Gordon and Chris Dobbs. Constantine had been ill for several years, but the nature of his illness was unknown.

Constantine, whose name is Gas Festing, was born on May 22, 1927, the son of Greek immigrants Andromash (Fotiadu) and Theohalis Ioanides Festing.

He graduated from Reading High School in 1946 and never forgot the community he grew up in.

“Last week he was still able to sing all four of the leading high school alma mater’s stanzas from memory,” said Michael Gordon. “He always considers himself a native of reading. People will come and say,” You’re from California “(and he’ll say)” Oh, I’m from reading. ” “

“He loved his hometown,” Patricia added. “He came back here shortly after winning the Emmy for Room 222. But then he was recalled to California. He always loved to go home. He was very much He was a family member. He loved his children, his brothers, and his parents. “

Constantine began her acting career on the New York stage in the 1950s and has since made a major break in the fictional ABC comedy drama “Room 222”, where she has appeared on many well-known television shows. Diverse Los Angeles High School.

Famous shows that Constantine starred in front of “Room 222” include “My Favorite Martian,” “Twilight Zone,” “Bonanza,” “Hero of Hogan,” “Dick Van Dyke Show,” and “Fugitive.” “And so on.

“He was a great character actor, so when someone needed a character actor, they relied on him,” George Hatsa retired. Reading Eagle Entertainment editor. As a journalist, Hatsa knew Constantine professionally, and he knew personally from the actors participating in the SS. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church reading together. “He was on television in the 1950s.” Perry Mason “is such a show. He did everything. “

Hatza said it was Constantine’s upbringing that made him so acclimatized.

“The problem is that he fits all those roles because he was a really typical ordinary person,” Hatsa said. “They were immigrants. They came here and his parents spoke Greek in the house. His mother spoke broken English. She was very smart and very kind. It was. The whole family, just kind, generous, sweet people. And it was the American dream. You took your family to America and your son grew up to be a movie star, a TV star, everyone knows. Become an actor. “

It was Constantine’s role in “Room 222” that made him easily recognized by many Americans. Hatza said the show had a lot of humor, but Constantine played most of his role straight.

“He was great in that role,” Hatsa said. “It was considered a comedy series, but he didn’t play it because of laughter. He was the principal and played like a real principal. It wasn’t part of the joke. He was such a person. He respected the workers, and it came out in his work. “

After “Room 222,” Constantine has been busy, playing the role of television on shows such as “Quincy, ME,” “Love Boat,” “Remington Steele,” “MacGyver,” “Murder, She Written.” rice field. Indie about a middle-class Greek-American woman who falls in love with an upper-middle-class white anglo-saxon Protestant before playing the acclaimed role in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” with more than 12 more movies. Romantic comedy.

“It was like he had a second career in’My Big Fat Greek Wedding’. It was,” Oh yeah, like Michael Constantin. I remember him. ” Said Hatsa with a laugh.

Only in this case, unlike the “Rum 222”, Constantine cut off the comedy chops a lot.

“He was cheerful and really cheerful,” said Hatsa. “The whole Windex thing (the window cleaner was his character’s magical elixir for everything) was just a great sight gag. He’s a Greek-American about preserving your heritage. They really caught the whole thing. Their home in the movie was a caricature of what people might think of Greek Americans. Everything is white and blue, the colors of the Greek flag. Everything is ridiculous Greece. It was a word. He had that whim that only Greeks could do.

“I think he was good enough to be nominated for an Oscar. I was a little surprised he didn’t get the Supporting Actor Award,” he said.

Constantine replayed his role in the television series “My Big Fat Greek Life” and the 2016 movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2”. This is the last major role of his long and outstanding career.

Throughout, whenever he was reading, he was a local coffee shop fixture, where he went to read, write scripts, and interact with fans who might recognize him. ..

“He will talk to anyone and chat with anyone,” said Michael Gordon.

Constantine’s sister Patricia said she loves going to Wyomissing’s former borders store Burns & Noble and former Take 2 bagels.

“What was very interesting was that he was in the borders and wherever he was working and writing, and people wouldn’t care about him,” Hatsa said. “They went up and waved away. It wasn’t like people were everywhere in him. People allowed him his space, and when they were polite to him. He paid them back with courtesy. He was a good person. He is a very good person.

“When you were with him at the event, I didn’t feel he was better than anyone else. He never got that air. He was invited to this picnic. He was another person. He just sat there and told everyone about the old days. That’s his way. “

Charles J. Adams III with Retired WEEU Radio Personality Reading Eagle The correspondent remembered meeting Constantine at a local restaurant about a month ago.

“It’s interesting,” said Adams. “My friends in Chester County were out for dinner with us. As we walked, the car was pulled up and the man said,” Charlie Adams? ” ‘Yes. ‘He recognized me no matter who it was. And I looked and said, “Well, that’s Michael Constantin.”

“We started talking — great conversations about some of the work we did in the past — and my friend said,” He knows you, but you don’t. Hmm? That’s a little funny. “

“But he was such a person. He was very humble.”

Actor Michael Constantine, left, Burkes radio personality, writer Charles J. Adams III, reading the short film “Location! Position!”.

Adams said he interviewed Constantine for his radio show when “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” came out, and they really hit it. Then, in 2010, the locally produced movie “Location! Location!” And Constantine asked him to accompany him to the premiere, so they walked along the red carpet.

“He was such a nice person that he had self-esteem,” Adams said. “This is tragic news, but life was rich.”

Patricia Gordon described her brother as a loving, giver.

“(He) was the most generous person you would like to meet,” she said. “Thanks to him, the world has become a better place. Really, really.”

Michael Constantin dies at age 94

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