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What did a group of Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers achieve when they were seeking to pass a cruel bill banning transgender athletes from joining women’s sports teams from a television publicity program organizer the other day? I was asked if I was trying.

I admit it. I was confused.

A single measurable public good resulting from the bill was unthinkable. But I could think of many things that were wrong with it.

When thinking about the bill, I can think of a wrinkled face when Lily Freeman, a 15-year-old transgender young woman on the outskirts of Philadelphia, was talking about the devastating impact of the proposal. It’s just pain. She and other transgender young women found evacuation and acceptance in interdisciplinary athletics.

“It’s all about getting rid of the connections that girls have with each other,” she said. “Powerful people are removing the definition of what it means to be a woman.”

Freeman is about my daughter’s age — she’s now 16 and proudly out. And once Republicans finished banning transgender children, I couldn’t help but wonder if they would come next for gay, lesbian, bisexual, or non-binary children.

It’s not lazy speculation. We are already on the way. Florida has a nasty “don’t say gay” bill. According to the Human Rights Campaign, lawmakers in 35 states have introduced legislation to attack LGBTQ + people.

And here in Keystone, the Republican-controlled General Assembly in Pennsylvania cannot even incorporate LGBTQ citizens’ non-discrimination protection into state law. Even if polling data shows that the majority of people, including Republicans, support it.

Freeman was clearly thinking the same. She called on lawmakers to “focus on the real problems faced by all women, including wage inequality, eating disorders and sexual abuse.”

“Pennsylvania is my home. Don’t let this harmful and destructive bill come to vote,” she continued, her voice angry. “We are transgender people. We are here. And we never leave.”

The bill requires that the school’s sports team be explicitly designated as a male, female, or co-educated team, as it is currently written. The City & State PA also reported that the membership of these teams must be based on the gender assigned to the athlete at birth. In this proposal, the team designated as a woman or girl “may not be open to students of male gender.”

Science is not just on the Republican side. You are not going to find men in women’s sports teams. Because transgender women are women.

“The general belief that your gender arises only from your chromosomal composition is wrong. The truth is that your biological gender is not carved into stone, but a life with potential for change. “It’s a system,” wrote Simón (e) DSun, a doctoral candidate at the Tsien Lab at New York University’s Institute of Neuroscience, in June. Scientific American’s 2019 column.

“Science is clear and decisive. Gender is not dual and transgender people are real,” Sun continued. “It’s time for us to admit this. It’s unscientific and inhuman to define a person’s sexual identity using uncontextualized” facts. ” Transgender experience provides essential insights into the science of sexuality and scientifically demonstrates that unusual atypical phenomena are essential to a successful living system. Even the scientific effort itself is quantitatively better when it is more inclusive and diverse. “

In fact, transgender youth are in desperate need of the sense of belonging and inclusiveness that sport provides to so many young people. They are under sufficient pressure — and too often, that pressure can have fatal consequences.

“In 2018, the University of Texas at Austin led one of the most ambitious studies of transgender adolescents between the ages of 15 and 21 to measure their mental health status. In previous studies, transgender. It has already been shown that 82% of people in the University of Texas have experienced suicide thoughts and 40% have tried it in their lifetime. Transgender individuals Lazarus Nance Letcher and PhD are candidates for American studies at the University of New Mexico. Wrote in the Capital Star editorial on March 18th.

Betsy Tog of Philadelphia, the parent of a transgender child, nailed his head at a press conference in the same Capitol where Freeman provided her burning testimony.

The Republican bill “excludes some girls, not some girls. That’s not true,” she said.

So maybe that’s what the bill achieves: it hurt and eliminates unnecessarily vulnerable children, isolates them, and of fake science and fake field leveling that no one wants and no one wants. Increases the risk of dying from suicide in the name.

Micek: Cruel and dangerous waste of time | State

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