Miami Dolphins 33, Carolina Panthers 10 – Reading Eagle

Dolphin writer, David Flones

This is what the dolphin looks like when it clicks on all the cylinders. Tua Tagovailoa has a non-stop connection to Jaylen Waddle without DeVante Parker and Will Fuller. Defense swarms and forces a turnover. Even special teams are scoring. Momentum is real and Miami can be legally reinserted into the playoffs debate, with some more wins against a favorable upcoming schedule.

Keven Lerner, Assistant Sports Editor

Dolphins made the most complete effort of the year, and they are now 5-7. Tua Tagovailoa played very well and had even better defense. If you beat the completely imperfect Giants and Jets, Miami will be .500. crazy.

Steve Subekis, Assistant Sports Editor

OK … The dolphins basically counteracted the defeats of the Falcons and Jaguars and won two home underdogs against the Ravens and Panthers. They are 5-7 and it would be unacceptable for this meteorologically rising defense and truly capable attack not to defeat the Giants and Jets who are visiting to reach 7-7. Then you’ll probably need to wipe out the Saints, Titans, and Patriots to reach the playoffs. But now it’s more realistic, and unthinkable four games ago, it’s the winning season at 9-8. Tour did two big things he didn’t do this season. It didn’t throw a bad passcut and it pushed Jaylen Waddle deep into the field. Waddle may end up in the mix to consider as the best wide receiver in the first round of this draft loaded wide receiver.

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Miami Dolphins 33, Carolina Panthers 10 – Reading Eagle

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