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Washington (AP) — Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador agreed to spend $ 1.5 billion to improve “smart” border technology in a meeting with President Joe Biden on Tuesday. .. And I couldn’t get Mexico to pay for it.

Those familiar with the set of agreements that the leaders of both countries came up with when they met in Washington asked for more, such as increasing the number of work visas issued by the United States and welcoming more refugees. He said he was. They also continue joint patrols between Mexico and Guatemala, hunting human smugglers along shared borders.

The person spoke on anonymous terms because the agreement had not been officially announced. However, the Biden administration was excited to secure border funding from Mexico after many years of failure by former President Donald Trump.

The agreement took place hours after the meeting began, and Lopez Obrador provided more than 30 minutes of comment. Franklin Delano Roosevelt from an American heading south at a cheaper price at a Mexican gas station pump, he rebuked conservatives and said the United States and Mexico should reject the “current situation” of the border. I touched on everything up to the New Deal policy.

Lopez Obrador said the two countries “ We should close the ranks to help each other. “

In the past he had not avoided criticism of the United States, but Lopez Obrador made a positive tone with Biden while praising Vice President Kamala Harris.

Biden also settled, saying, “I think Mexico is an equal partner,” avoiding disagreements over policy with Lopez Obrador, “you and I have a strong and productive relationship. I would like to discuss the partnership. “

It was a departure from last month when Lopez Obrador declined Biden’s invitation to the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles after urging the United States to include leaders from Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Mexican leaders also called US support for Ukraine in the war with Russia a “terrible mistake,” and the US moved more quickly to provide military funding to Ukraine than financial assistance to Central America. I criticized that.

Regarding the death of migrants in Texas, including people from Mexico and Central America, Biden said, “We know we must address these challenges together.” He agrees that the United States and Mexico need to increase opportunities for legal migration, especially as more workers can help alleviate the U.S. labor shortage and potentially calm price increases. Said.

“This is a proven strategy that promotes economic growth and reduces illegal immigrants,” Biden said.

Immigration was a political flash point for Biden. Republican leaders point out that an increasing number of people are illegally crossing the southern border from Mexico and Central America, accusing government and Democratic leaders of doing nothing more to delay it. did. Lopez Obrador acknowledged these criticisms, but said the border situation would require solutions as well as politics.

“The loophole is not conservative. It’s a path through change,” he said. “Change, not maintain the status quo.”

Tuesday was the second face-to-face meeting between Biden and Lopez Obrador at the White House. First Lady Jill Biden welcomed Mexico’s First Lady Beatriz Gutierrez Müller during the celebration of the White House in Cinco de Mayo this spring.

The discussion takes place shortly before Biden departs for Israel, the West Bank and Saudi Arabia.

A series of agreements announced by the Byden administration are to modernize and improve infrastructure along key parts of the 2,000-mile (3,200-kilometer) border, strengthen legal enforcement cooperation against fentanil smuggling, and promote clean energy. Promised a joint action.

Biden said a “major anti-smuggling operation” against fentanyl traffickers had been underway since April, leading to the arrest of more than 3,000 people.

Despite a broad agreement to try to increase legal migration, the Biden administration is not very clear about how much it urges Mexico to stop illegally passing through its territory to the United States. was. That was an important requirement of Trump.

Vice President Kamala Harris, who was tasked with exploring the root causes of immigrants across Latin America, also hosted Lopez Obrador for breakfast on Tuesday, uttering friendly words to each other. Talking to the President of Mexico outside the Naval Observatory, the residence of the Vice President, Harris referred to her past visits to his country.

“The time I spent with you in Mexico was very special to me,” she said, referring to “a very important friendship between the two countries.”

“She is our friend,” said Lopez Obrador. “But he’s also a woman with principles. An intelligent woman. Really. She’s an egalitarian. So I congratulate Americans for having a first vice president …. We’re always I’ve spoken for the benefit of both our people and our country. I’m going to do exactly the same thing today. “

Mexico agrees to invest $ 1.5 billion in “smart” border technology – Daily Local

Source link Mexico agrees to invest $ 1.5 billion in “smart” border technology – Daily Local

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