Mets lost to Manny Machado and Padres 2-1 and stranded eight runners – Reading Eagle

If the team leaves eight men at the base, as Mets did on Saturday night, their pitchers will have to run all the pitches. Otherwise, you run the risk of missing one spot and suffering unfortunate losses.

That’s exactly what happened to Chris Bassitt, who gave the Mets seven innings, but threw an unlucky two-stroke slider to Manny Machado, who hit a two-run home run. Mets had at least one runner in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9 times, but couldn’t break through. It was a two-on-one defeat for the home team, but it was worth it, as anyone who watched the match would know.

Padres starter Blake Snell should consider opening an escape room after this. He allowed four hits and two walks, increased the pitch count and kicked him out five frames later, but Zero in the run row returned the left-handed ERA to less than 5.00. Every time Snell needed a big out, he got it, whether it was a double play or a strikeout. Mets attacked a former Cy Young Award-winning player five times.

Bassitt cruised the first five innings and looked like a man possessed by the first batter he faced. He was banished on strike 3 with a 92 mph cutter. Looking at Bassitt before the match, it’s impossible to tell if he’s preparing for the start or playing a house party pre-game.Saturday as a new teammate Daniel Vogelbach enjoyed his first Citi Field Scrum, Bassitt played an exciting game of ping-pong and slammed the background of Vogelbach’s obscene interview. His blue cut-off shirt appeared to bounce off the wall when returning a shot of Patrick Mazeika.

Many pitchers treat their start date like a religious holiday, avoiding distractions and even social interactions altogether. It’s not Bassitt who chased an enthusiastic table tennis match with 11 strikeouts, the best of his career. No one was walking on Bassitt, making him the first pitcher of the year to do seven innings at 11K.

Two nights in a row, Padre home runs were made shortly after a pitch that could be called Strike 3. On Friday, Trent Grisham put one in the visitor’s bullpen against Joely Rodriguez to extend San Diego’s lead. It was Machado’s turn on Saturday, but this time the long ball defeated a scoreless tie to decide the match.

It was the slider that Bassitt threw 0-2 at Machado in the sixth inning. If it was a fastball, the zone might have been called, but breaking the pitch there tends to give the referee an optical illusion. Home plate umpire Jim Wolf decided that the pitch was too high, and the next pitch was another slider that shouted over the left wing wall at 106.7 mph. This is the most hit ball from either side.

Tough break, base.

The San Diego bullpen turned the last four innings to give Snell a victory. Adrian Morejon and his high-radiation fastball struck the side to retire the Mets in seventh place, and he returned to eighth and Brandon Nimmo with 98 mph cheese after Tomas Nido’s single. I got Nido. Within 48 hours, San Diego had already won the series, with set-up man Luis Garcia and closer Taylor Rogers taking things home in the final five outs.

Mets didn’t look like the April and May teams in the second half. It’s literally just two games and the injuries didn’t help, but no one feels sorry for them because Buck Showalter likes to say. Sunday’s Series Finale has become a spiritually important game for Mets, who is sticking to the lead of a slim half-game that surpasses the elastic Braves.

There’s plenty of the rest of the season, but all the losses are important, and having two consecutive All-Star breaks is by no means a good sign.


Mets lost to Manny Machado and Padres 2-1 and stranded eight runners – Reading Eagle

Source link Mets lost to Manny Machado and Padres 2-1 and stranded eight runners – Reading Eagle

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