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The Robinson Cano era of flushing is over after a deteriorating deal following the suspension of PED in his second career.

Mets appointed Kano before the noon deadline on Monday and reduced their roster to 26. Mets also chose right-handed Yoan Lopez as the Triple A Syracuse.Kano still borrows about $ 40 million from Mets, who undertook his contract, throughout the 2023 season. From Seattle Mariners in 2019..

But for the aspiring team and the billionaire owner Steve Cohen, who can submit the bill, all the money he can eat has become easier after the disappointing start of Kano’s season.

Over the weekend, Mets’ GM Billy Eppler presented Cohen with various ways the club could approach Monday’s roster crunch. Eppler explained to Cohen about potential deals, recommendations from the baseball management group, and the finances associated with each decision. What is Cohen’s reaction?

“Make a baseball decision,” the Mets owner told Eppler.

Buck Showalter and Eppler called Kano to the manager’s office on Sunday night after the Mets defeated Phillies in Citi Field. Formerly the Yankees baseball assistant director, Eppler has known Kano since 2004, when his second baseman, who played for a Bronx bomber in the minor league, was 21 years old. Due to their professional history, GM told Kano that saying he was DFA was one of the most difficult conversations he had ever had with a player.

Show Alter, who believes Kano is keeping his true feelings, said he wants all players to approach the harsh conditions that Kano did at Skipper’s office. Eppler said: “It was just a lobby,” and Kano responded to the news like a pro.

“He’s a great baseball player,” Eppler said. “He has a big heart. He’s a good guy. I’m sure he’ll meet him on the island in five or ten years, or in Florida, New York, and so on. We will share good memories together, but we were not one of them last night. “

Both Eppler and Showalter said they were completely hoping that Cano would land on his feet and sign another club. If Kano is not charged by another team in the next 7 days, Kano may be exempt or traded. If he is greeted by another club, the team will pay Kano a minimum of $ 700,000 in MLB salary and Mets will cover the rest of his contract. If Kano couldn’t find a job, Eppler said GM would “welcome him here in another position if he so desires.”

At the age of 39, Kano hit .195 / .233 / .268 with 1 home run, 3 RBIs, 2 walks and 11 strikeouts in 12 games. That kind of production didn’t fit into the rest of the loaded Mets roster, which entered the National League’s best record on Monday. Repeatedly adding Kano to the lineup was a disadvantage for the Mets offense. Despite Kano, in the offensive praise of the early season, he was No. 1 in MLB with a hit (203) and No. 4 in MLB with a run (108).

Still, in the days leading up to the liberation of Kano, it was uncertain that Mets would make a wise and explicit call by liberating veterans. Show Alter said on Sunday that he was sympathetic to the challenges associated with older part-time players, and the club considered Kano a valuable clubhouse leader with 17 years of Major League Baseball experience.

“I was sad,” Francisco Lindor said of Kano’s DFA. “I didn’t want to see him go. But I respect that decision. He was a great guy and a great teammate. I spent more time with him, playing games and he in life. I wish I could continue to learn about the various things I experienced. “

But of Dominic Smith A breakout night on the plate happened.. Smith, along with Luis Guillorme and JD Davis, is one of the few fielders who still have minor league options. With Guillom playing in 13 of the team’s 23 games so far this season, it’s clear that Show Alter appreciates Guillom’s infield diversity. Davis is the only right-handed threat off the bench. As a result, Monday’s roster cut ended up primarily at Smith or Kano.

“I personally didn’t expect that to happen,” Smith said Kano was DFA. “It’s a lot of money to eat.”

Smith issued a statement to Phillies on Sunday night to help Mets lead a 10-6 victory thanks to a 4-4 night on a plate with 3 RBIs and points. Meanwhile, Kano may have played Phillies on Friday, completing the turbulent passage of the Queens 1 to 3 with two strikeouts and playing the final match as a Met.

After spending nine seasons at the Yankees and five years at the Mariners, Kano was traded to the Mets with the closer Edwin Diaz before the 2019 season as part of Brodivan Wagenen’s first move as team’s general manager. I did. As Mets sent the outfield outfielder Jarred Kelenic, the first round of 2018 pick, to the Mariners and absorbed Kano’s 10-year $ 240 million contract signed by Van Wagenen with Seattle in December 2013. Trade was almost meaningless Kelenic’s agent.

Trade deteriorated when MLB suspended Kano for all of the 2021 season following his second career positive PED test. After one of his worst career seasons in 2019, Kano bounced back in 2020, reaching .316 / .352 / .544 with 10 home runs. However, when Kano was caught using steroids in the winter of 2020, its production was contaminated. There was a deadline for the future with Kano’s Mets, who was once inducted into the Hall of Fame with 2,632 career hits.

After being unpaid during the season, Kano returned to Mets for training this spring, issuing a personal apology to his teammates and an official statement to his fans. Mets gave Kano a chance to succeed, but less than a month into the 2022 season, his underproduction became less profitable than the other options. He freed him from the team and continued to pay his remaining contracts.

In this way, a new era of Mets baseball begins. Owners are willing to eat the money of unpopular and ineffective players, thereby letting the team and fan base know that the organization is serious about winning.

“He trusts the decisions made,” Shawalter said of Cohen. “He can do whatever he wants, but he’s been very supportive of things. You want to give him some reward for his confidence. Sure, he wants to work. From a human point of view, a lot of morale is born, but he was a rock for us. “


Mets Designates Robinson Cano on Mission – Reading Eagle

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