Mets Buck Showalter returns from suspension: “What can I do?”

Buck Showalter is back.

The manager served His suspension — This was a punishment for his team thrown at Phillies slugger Kyle Schwarber on Sunday ――Into Mets lost to Atlanta 5-2 on Monday. Showalter started a chat session with the media on Tuesday, reminding him of how he knew the news.

“Billy (Eppler) came, I thought it was a joke,” said Shaw Alter. “What can I do? Obviously, I called to see what my options were. I was told that was my attraction, the phone.”

Relief Yoan Lopez-I decided to throw it at Schwarber, but that was None of the pitches were particularly close, And none of them actually hit him — also got a stop. However, Lopez was named Triple A after the match on Sunday. This means that whenever he comes back, he must provide a three-game statement before he has the opportunity to pitch again in the game.

Showalter provided his thoughts on it.

“It’s a little weird,” he joked. “I think he just offers it there.”

He was then asked if the suspension could ultimately affect future decisions and timing to revive Lopez.

“You will have to think about it,” Showalter said. “How can I call someone who can’t pitch?”

The Beanball War has dominated many of the stories around Mets this season. For Phillies when Schwarber dodged some inner balls before Alec Bohm was hit by a change-up, Bench clear battle In St. Louis.But Mets Thing Get Plunge at historic speedLeads their managers to openly wonder why they are portrayed as bad guys.

“It’s hard to judge the intent, and I don’t know what they’re saying behind the scenes,” Shaw Alter offered. “We have moved from St. Louis. We are beaten and punished. Believe me, I have some personal, private thoughts about it. I don’t know if it’s competitive or if the timing was fair to the New York Mets. “

may day?

Right-handed rescuer Trevor May underwent an MRI on Tuesday. The next day he allowed two runs to the Braves and his ERA swelled to the unsightly 8.64. He talked about his struggles due to being unhealthy after the match on Monday, and on Tuesday he was officially on the 15-day injured list with inflammation of his right triceps.

“Pitchers are very emotional right after the match,” said Shaw Alter. After his bad match on Monday, Mei was in a vibrant frustration. “Trever is a very proud person who wants to contribute every time he’s there. When you can do something and you don’t accomplish it consistently He’s very frustrated. I’m not frustrated with him, I’m frustrated with him. I’m dissatisfied with him because I know his abilities are excellent. . “

Shaw Alter said he noticed his condition in May about 15 minutes after the match on Monday. He said he was surprised by the news that pitching coach Jeremy Hofner and bullpen coach Craig Bjornson were injured. Part of the problem, according to May, is that he wasn’t good at throwing the best pitches in the game. Due to the nature of his work, it is not as easy to fix in between going out as a starting pitcher.

“The problem with relief pitchers is that they have to pitch,” Shaw Alter explained. “It’s difficult to work mechanically in four or five days.”

May is the second year of a two-year, $ 15.5 million contract signed after the 2020 season. During the last three years at Twins (one of which was a shortened campaign in 2020), May achieved 3.19 ERA with 113 innings, worth more than 1.8 wins, according to FanGraphs. So far, in 71 innings with Mets, he has 4.18 ERA and 0.3 WAR.

“We reach the bottom of it and try to make it work,” Showalter assured. “We need him.”

Adonis Medina appeared on Triple-A Syraucse on behalf of May.

Double trouble

Mets went to 20-16 in doubleheader games during the 2020 and 2021 seasons. However, although these were 7 innings matches, this season brought a resurgence of 9 innings. On April 19th, Mets tasted traditional twin billing for the first time since 2019. Taken both games from the Giants..

In 2020, the Pandemic Doubleheader made Mets a visiting team at Citi Field, playing home games at Yankee Stadium and playing three doubleheaders the same week. Before they rebounded in 2021, they went 2-6 in a doubleheader game that year.

Last season, 28 out of 162 games (17%) were played in doubleheaders, and Mets set a record of 18-10, sweeping three of the 14 double dips.


Mets Buck Showalter returns from suspension: “What can I do?”

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