Message from Kevin K. Murphy to the 2022 class

What happened in your high school showed you that we live in a turbulent world. It is true that the past few years have been more unpredictable than some other times, but the truth is that the world has been an ever-changing and uncertain place.

We adapt, life changes again, and we adjust again.

That is the essence of being, and you have shown the resilience you need to prosper.

And just as the world around Berks County continues to evolve, so does Berks County.

We are the most diverse and sophisticated community of any era.

Berks County will continue to make progress, but there is one thing that hasn’t changed. This is where you’ve always graduated from high school and where there are people who are proud of you.

We take pride and satisfaction in you when you take on the next challenge.

We are watching over you, and we want you to look back on us.

Whatever you do next, don’t forget to share the dreams you pursue and the goals you achieve with everyone who supports you at your home in Berks County. And we will continue to encourage you.

Enjoy this moment and then accomplish everything we know.

Message from Kevin K. Murphy to the 2022 class

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