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Meet Terry DiGennaro, WKBN’s 2023 Remarkable Woman

(WKBN) – There’s still time to submit your nominations for WKBN’s Remarkable Women contest. We’re looking for people who inspire others, impact their communities, and be leaders of change.

I recently caught up Last year’s winner Terry DiGennaro, founder of the HELMS Foundation. She shares how her experience inspired her to keep moving forward.

“From the moment I sat in the car, we were talking and lo and behold, I found myself in front of amazing, hopeful, strong and empowering women.” said DiGennaro.

All women have different missions, but they all have the same mission in mind: to empower those around them and leave the world better than they ever imagined.

After being chosen as the local Remarkable Women winner, DiGennaro had the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles and meet other contest winners from across the United States.

“It helped me even more on a personal level to be around women who have gone through things like the world of film and experiences that don’t get talked about a lot. Just seeing where they are. It’s very energizing,” DiGennaro said.

We met Mr. DiGennaro during the HELMS Foundation’s 5th Annual Gala Fundraiser over the weekend. The nonprofit was founded in honor of her son, Ryan, who passed away in 2015. Ryan was an artist at heart, so Mahoning bringing art to his valley through this foundation was a gift of his mother’s never-ending love.

“You can’t stop being a mother. When I went on that journey, you met people, you heard their stories, you heard what they did. Speaking of what they said was great, It’s really amazing,” DiGennaro said.

My experience with women as inspiring as her is one I won’t soon forget.

“They’re like phoenixes. There was no one there, poor guy, oh my god, this happened. No, this needed to happen, it happened, so we did this.” It’s like we need to change and we need to help. It was very empowering,” DiGennaro said.

As we move toward 2024, that foundation will continue to grow.

“We have donated space. We’re very fortunate in Warren. So we’re going to expand into Trumbull as well,” DiGennaro said.

To nominate a wonderful woman you think would be a good fit, Fill out the ‘Remarkable Women’ form on our website. Nominations will be accepted from now until November 30th.

The top four finalists will be featured on WKBN throughout March, which is International Women’s Month.

https://www.wkbn.com/community/remarkable-women/catching-up-with-wkbns-2023-remarkable-woman/ Meet Terry DiGennaro, WKBN’s 2023 Remarkable Woman

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