Mayor of Soderton John Reynolds sends a farewell message

SOUDERTON — Many incumbent Souderton Borough Council members resigned after failing to run for this year’s reelection, and a fifth will be appointed mayor next year from a council seat, so the Souderton Borough Council will have more in January this year. New members will join.

Mayor John Reynolds, who did not run for reelection this year, looked back on his time at the borough office and advised members of the next council at a meeting of the Sodaton borough council on November 1.

“The desire to participate in the operation of our municipality is commendable. It does not matter whether I agree with the political position of the councilor on state or national issues. Most important at this level is It’s a long-term vision that Congress may have about how taxpayers’ money will be spent, how decisions and resolutions will affect residents, and Sodaton’s continued progress. ” Said. “We encourage new members of the council to immerse themselves in patience. The government moves slowly at this level, it’s important what you do, but not so much who you are. I understand that it doesn’t matter. “

“It’s time for my resignation,” said Reynolds, after working for 26 years at the Autonomous Region office, one year at the Souderton Zoning Hearing Board, ten years at the Souderton Borough Council, and 15 years as mayor.

He and his wife, Raleigh, talked about it after his last election, and together he said he decided then not to run this year.

Reynolds said he did not take the position of council or mayor with the proceedings.

“It was a sense of responsibility for my community,” he said.

He was initially appointed to the council, he said. At that time, it was also pointed out that he was a registered Democrat in the autonomous region, which is dominated by Republican voters.

When asked what difference he made, he said: It just doesn’t re-election for the next term. “

In response, he would have to run for re-election the following year if he was appointed to the Republican leadership, and if he felt that his contribution to the council was sufficient to continue. He said he agreed that it would change. It happened when he was run as a Republican with his party.

“The only most important thing you can bring to an elected position is the desire to do your best for your community and the people you represent,” Reynolds said. “I believe I’ve succeeded in taking myself not very seriously, and I’m very happy to work with many good people in the community.”

His tenure highlights include the launch of the Indian Valley Boys & Girls Club, the refurbishment of the Sodaton Community Pool, and collaboration with three police chiefs, two of whom are members of the police chief’s employment research team, Sodaton- It included the start of a Telfor domain. The 125th Anniversary Ceremony of Street and Sodaton, he said.

“I have been a game changer for me for the last 26 years and I hope the autonomous region will be better for my participation. I am always grateful to the people who worked with me and the friends who made it. It’s my heartfelt joy to work with you on these days, and to work with our wonderful government, public works crew, and police, “said Reynolds. “I miss you. I can only expect that assumption to go in both directions.”

“I think I can speak for all the borough councils, saying that the work went well,” said Council Chairman Brian Gosho.

“The mayor’s position was that you took it very, very, very seriously from day one,” Goshaw told Reynolds. “You supported that position at a very high level.”

Bob Keeler — Digital First Media

Kenneth Dieterhauser, senior judge in the Magisterial district on the left, vows another term to Mayor John Reynolds of Sodaton. The oath was taken at the beginning of the Souderton Borough Council meeting on January 2, 2018.

Bob Raines — Digital First Media

Elizabeth Jufrida threw the ball at the target on Friday, August 18, 2017, on the third Friday in Soderton, dropping Soderton Mayor John Reynolds into a dunk tank.

Mayor John Reynolds and his wife, Raleigh, lead an annual holiday parade down Sodaton’s main street in 2009.

Mayor of Soderton John Reynolds sends a farewell message

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