Mayor Kenny!When to resign

“I’m always waiting for something bad to happen. I’m happy when I’m not here … I can enjoy something when I’m not the mayor.”

These were the words of Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney after yet another shooting. When asked if he was really looking forward to when he was no longer running the city, Kenny replied, “Yes, in fact.”

I don’t know which is wrong: Raise a white flag and hang it to dry his members, or lack self-awareness to see how bad he is.

Hey, Mayor, don’t give us any benefit by staying for the next 18 months. Instead, do something decent and resign now. Ironically, that’s your greatest achievement. Because, under your “leadership,” Philadelphia has accelerated rapidly into the abyss.

While the mayor of America’s sixth-largest city thinks it’s acceptable to raise his hand and blame others for Philadelphia’s problems, especially gun violence, but how much worse things have happened. I don’t understand that I take little or no responsibility. Here’s breaking news: the mayor shouldn’t be the one who complains. Their job is to solve the problems that plague people and businesses. That’s it — nothing else. If he can’t or can’t do that, he should be out of the way. That way, those who have innovative ideas, and the ironmen, will be able to spot them, giving them a chance to make Philadelphia great again.

But in the end, Kenny stays and continues to confuse both himself and the city, consolidating his place as the worst and worst place. Let’s find out why the mayor is so misguided.

1) Immediately, Kenny blamed the inanimate for why people were shot, rather than holding the criminals 100% responsible. To make matters worse, he accused legitimate gun owners — virtually no one commits a gun crime because they comply with the law — insisted that only police carry guns. Seriously.

Looking back on his recent trip to the north of the border, Kenny said: But look, in my life it never happens. This is a must live with us as there are plenty of goof balls with guns and you can get them whenever you want. “

How can a person who occupies such a high-ranking official be so insensitive? That statement is simply wrong, at so many levels.

First and foremost, Uvalde (and Parkland, Orlando, etc.) police are children of private gun ownership posters. Those policemen had all the firepower around the world against lonely shooters, but instead of doing their job and defeating the attackers, they allowed people to be slaughtered. Obviously, these are not the entities that need to hold all the guns.

Second, history is full of countries that disarm civilians, pretending to be “safe” and putting all firearms in the hands of the government. Predictable results occur in virtually all cases. A totalitarian ruler who is eradicating individual rights and vandalizing people. And let’s face it: When people give up their guns, it’s virtually impossible to successfully counterattack.

Third, the mayor must have lived in a bubble during his visit to Canada. Had he bothered to do a little investigation, he would have found many canaxes besides the police owning a gun. In fact, some estimates indicate that in a country of only 38 million people, there are more than 15 million firearms.

Fourth, although Canada is a safe country, it has a high rate of shootings and slaughter, proving that all of us essentially need to know. Risk cannot be ruled out. Evil people do evil things, whether it involves a gun or not. The way to fight tragedy is to stay vigilant and catch warning signs while adopting values ​​that help prevent tragedy in the first place.

Finally, when Mr. Kenny has armed escorts wherever he goes, it’s certainly easy to ask people to strip their self-defense. His house is protected. His car is protected. And the city hall is a fortress. Left-wing hypocrisy is simply astounding, especially when it comes to guns, and could burn them in the November elections this year.

2) Kenny states: It’s like Dodge City. “

The mayor may not have blamed the constitutional right to arm, but it certainly sounded like that. And, sorry, the Supreme Court did nothing like that. Is there anything we can do to keep the gun away from those who shouldn’t have it? Certainly, and the new bipartisan law will do just that. The path to legitimate gun ownership is very effective — that’s why, by definition, so many criminals get their guns illegally. Oh, and for the record, firearms were strictly banned in Dodge City, but gun violence was still prevalent — another example of gun bans not working.

Still, the notion of focusing on the bad guys who use these illegal firearms seems to be lost to the mayor because it is intuitive in itself. If he understands it, he will advocate less useful regulations and will not hammer the Constitutional Amendment Article 2, the Supreme Court, and the owner of a gun that complies with the law. Instead, he would praise them for helping them maintain peace and provide physical and financial security to their citizens.

3) Another Kenny’s beauty: “If I have the ability to take care of guns, I … but Congress doesn’t allow us. Congress doesn’t allow us … this is a gun. It’s a country. It’s crazy. “He added: “We are the most armed and one of the least secure countries in the history of the world. This problem will occur.”

I didn’t expect this column to write this, but I thank God for Congress and Congress. If you think Philadelphia is bad now, imagine if the mayor had the power to confiscate guns. If he does, three things will happen. A) Law-abiding citizens are likely to be the prey of the country’s most aggressive predators. B) Residents who value life and property more than obey insanely dangerous gun bans become criminals by illegally obtaining firearms for protection. C) The thug will exponentially increase criminal activity, knowing that the inhabitants do not have guns.

If the mayor stays for the term, he must do his homework in one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Contrary to Mr. Kenny’s claim, the United States is a very safe country and has and will continue to take into account the prevailing urban crime. Remove the city from the equation and the safety level soars. Translation: This is an urban issue. And since the mayor governs the city, they are responsible for the solution. Rather than politicizing it, it’s no one’s guess how the Republicans can be blamed, as the Democrats dominate the overwhelming number of cities, the White House and Congress.

4) Philadelphia has the highest murder, violence, poverty and homeless rates in the country and the education system is disastrous. Given that Philadelphia is one of the most taxable cities in the United States, and given its unwillingness to tackle these issues, few CEOs want to move to Philadelphia. And as you run out of valuable work, you lose your positive outlook for the future.

This is the part that no one wants to admit. There is no short-term answer. By calling the vague rhetoric of banning guns, such as community partnerships, town watches, police, and of course the ultimate “panacea,” you can talk all day about a fairytale-like soothing “solution.”

But we’ve heard it for decades, and Philadelphia has long been a one-party city, but it doesn’t work because these are tactics that don’t benefit from strategy.

With that in mind, it’s painfully clear that the only strategy that could help Philadelphia is for Jim Kenney to do the right thing and get out of Dodge.

Chris Freind is an independent columnist and commentator, whose columns are displayed weekly.He can be contacted at Follow him on Twitter@chrisfreind

Mayor Kenny!When to resign

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