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May run at 100 degrees Thursday

Forecasts for the heatwave starting this week in Berks County and southeastern Pennsylvania have cooled slightly over the past few days, but AccuWeather is still forecasting a heatwave Thursday, which could reach 100 degrees in many places. there is. area.

Philadelphia International Airport soared to 99 degrees in concrete and asphalt, while a heatwave in late July was also predicted to run at 100 degrees, but 97 degrees at Reading Regional Airport meant mother nature was on fire. It was the largest we could gather.

It’s been 10 years since the last 100 degree day of summer 2012.

Sunny conditions are expected with around 90 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday. According to AccuWeather, at night he should be in the high 60s for most places.

After Thursday’s heat wave, AccuWeather is looking for a low of 90 on Friday and highs near 90 over the next four days. Storms are forecast for Saturday and Sunday.

Some hot spots could experience a seven-day heatwave, but more rural areas could have just one day of temperatures above 90 degrees on both sides of Thursday.

Geography, elevation, and location greatly affect temperature readings. Philadelphia and Reading airports are generally warmer than Lehigh Valley International Airport and Pottstown airfields.

AccuWeather forecast maximum temperatures of 98 degrees and 96 degrees respectively in Allentown and Pottstown on Thursday.

May run at 100 degrees Thursday

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