Mass shootings that hit the United States in 2021

On May 26, 2021, law enforcement officers remove tools from the trunk near the scene of the shooting in San Jose, California. And the suspect died. (Randy Vazquez / Bay Area Newsgroup (via AP))

Several fatal incidents have already occurred this year, after the 2020 pandemic mass shootings in the United States have dropped significantly.

Police announced on Wednesday that a mass shooting at a depot in San Jose killed several people. The exact number of fatalities and injuries was not announced immediately.

The· Gun violence archive According to the 2021, there were 232 mass shootings so far in 2021.

In March, President Joe Biden announced six administrative actions to counter what he called the “epidemic and international embarrassment” of gun violence in the United States. But he said he needed more.

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Here are some recent mass shootings.

San Jose

A sheriff spokesman said several people were killed, injured and suspects died in a shooting at a depot in San Jose on Wednesday.

San Jose officials said the shooting killed eight people.

According to officials, the suspect was identified as 57-year-old Sam Cassidy and died. He was currently an employee of VTA.

The shoot was taken at a light rail facility next to the sheriff’s department, across the freeway from the airport. This facility is a transit control center that stores trains and has a maintenance yard.

Victims include employees of the Valley Transport Authority, Davis said.


In April, eight people were shot dead at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis.

According to officials, 19-year-old Brandon Scott Hall had two rifles that could be legally purchased.Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears Exposed to severe criticism For the choice not to pursue Court hearing It can prevent the hall from accessing the gun.


Eight people were killed by shooters at three massage shops in the Atlanta area in an attack that began on the night of March 16. Police charged a 21-year-old white man with murder. There was deep skepticism in the claim that the shooter was motivated by sexual addiction. Asians have faced an increase in attacks since the outbreak of the new coronavirus pandemic. Calls for hate crime accusations have spread, especially in the American community.

Approximately a week later, on March 22, a mass shooting occurred in a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, killing 10 people, including the police officer who first responded to the scene. After passing the background check, the suspect bought a firearm at a local firearms store. Investigators are working to identify the motives for the shooting and why the suspect chose the King Supers grocery store.

Orange, California

On March 31, a man killed four people and seriously injured five in an office building in Southern California. He knew all the victims. Apparently, before firing, he chained the two entrance gates, delaying police entry inside. Among the victims was a 9-year-old boy who was found to be held in the arms of a woman who appeared to be his mother. Only females survived the shooting. The other killed were one man and two women.

Rock Hill, South Carolina

A week later, on April 7, former NFL player Philippe Adams shot six people. A prominent doctor, Robert Leslie, died with his wife, two grandchildren, and two air-conditioning technicians working at home. Adams also committed suicide. His brain is currently being investigated for possible degenerative diseases that have been shown to cause severe mood swings and other cognitive impairment in some athletes and military personnel.

Mass shootings that hit the United States in 2021

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