Masking requirements revised as 83% were vaccinated in Chester County | Local News

West Chester — Chester County Health Authority said 83% of eligible Chester County residents (aged 12+) were partially or completely vaccinated against COVID-19. Of those over the age of 18 (according to the Governor’s benchmark), 92% are partially or fully vaccinated.

According to county health officials, these figures aim to be fully vaccinated by June 28, the last day Chester County confirmed that Governor Tom Wolf would lift his mask obligations. Shows that it exceeds.

These figures include data recently received from the Philadelphia Ministry of Health, a resident of Chester County who traveled to Philadelphia to receive the vaccine.

“People in Chester County are playing their part and the COVID-19 vaccine is working,” said Jeanne Franklin, director of health at Chester County. “Vaccines help us fight this long, deadly virus, which is evident in our consistently low 7-day incidence and positive rates.”

Mask wearing guidance

Given the low incidence and low positive rates, the Chester County Health Department has revised its guidance on wearing masks in summer camps and expects schools to start at the end of August.

“The CDC and PA Ministry of Health understand that children under the age of 12 should continue to wear masks in certain settings, but this guidance covers national and state-wide perspectives. I also understand that, “Jeanne added. Franklin.

“We’re looking at local photos. Chester County believes that masks can be kept safe by making them optional rather than mandatory in settings such as summer camps.”

Regarding the return to school at the end of summer, the Chester County Health Department continued to monitor all COVID-19 activities until August, saying, “If the incidence and positive rates remain at current levels, guidance authorities to the school. Will start the school year without the need for additional mitigation measures, including masks, “says Franklin.

“Of course, it is ultimately the responsibility of each school district to decide on COVID-19 mitigation measures.”

Due to the large number of vaccines and the availability of vaccine supplies, the Chester County Health Department plans to reduce the number of COVID-19 vaccine clinics by the end of next month. The Longwood Gardens drive-through site will be operational on June 30th and the Exton Square Mall Clinic will continue to operate until July 18th. The three senior centers that functioned as vaccine clinics will also be closed. Oxford Senior Center on June 21st. June 25, Brandy Wine Valley Active Aging Center (formerly Coatesville Senior Center). And on June 29th, Phoenix Building Senior Center.

Marian Moskowitz, Chairman of the Chester County Commissioner, said: )it’s great. All the leaders there provided their facilities to support our efforts to vaccinate many places in the county, and we are grateful for that. “

Commissioner Josh Maxell said: “Many community organizations and places of worship helped schedule pop-up and mobile clinics throughout the county. The Chester County community gathered and recommended vaccination to neighbors and friends. Efforts really influenced. “

After the Chester County Health Department’s Vaccine Clinic is closed, health authorities will continue to support all other vaccine providers, as well as mobile clinics and home vaccines, as needed. The vaccine will be made free of charge to low-income earners and uninsured people through the Ministry of Health’s routine immunization clinic.

“All three vaccines are readily available through pharmacies, emergency care facilities, and family medicine, which means that even younger vaccinations have easy access to first and second doses.” Michelle Kichline said.

“But if necessary, our health sector can reinforce its vaccine business to meet demand.”

Before COVID-19 hit Chester County, the Chester County Health Department’s Coronavirus website began to inform the general public with toolkits and guidance for care facilities, schools, and all other stakeholders. Started to provide. As the pandemic progressed, layers of information were added to the website, including daily dashboard updates, links to COVID test sites, printable resources, and ultimately vaccine bookings.

Chester County COVID-19 Dashboard., Updated only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. “The data will remain on the website for the foreseeable future, but it will be reported less frequently, eliminating the need for daily updates,” said Jeanne Franklin.

Masking requirements revised as 83% were vaccinated in Chester County | Local News

Source link Masking requirements revised as 83% were vaccinated in Chester County | Local News

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