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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 13, Episode 1, “Lone Stars No More.”]

Everyone’s favorite social experiment is back! love at first sight Returning to Season 13, we are welcoming 10 new singles to the “Lone Stars No More” series.

Set in Texas, the premiere episode, where viewers meet Bao and Johnny, Michaela and Zack, Mara and Gil, Rachel and Jose, Brett and Ryan, begins with plenty of drama and tradition. Below, we analyze all the important moments of installments.

Tell family

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At the beginning of the episode, all singles are in the limelight to share the exciting news of being married to a stranger. Most importantly in this part of the premiere, Gil’s father was tragically killed in a house invasion as a child, and Johnny’s father lived in California after leaving his family, both Mara and Bao. The fact that I grew up poor.

All of these factors influence the reasons behind attending the show. There was no exorbitant response from family and friends at the first meeting, but Mara’s friends said compromise was key, and Rachel’s family reiterated this feeling: They advise the mysterious husband, Jose, to be honest about her feelings.

Things turn darker when Johnny calls his father to share news of his next marriage, but the man does not allow the show to record him and is reportedly Ask his son to reconsider his choices. Needless to say, emotions increase.

Encounter with other singles

MAFS Season 13 Premier

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According to tradition, men and women who participate in the season get together for a little introduction. Women discuss the comfort zone and Bao’s fear of pairing with the clown type in the class. On the other hand, the man seems to agree that he doesn’t want an Instagram model for his wife and is afraid of what’s in it. Interestingly, Johnny revealed that he was looking for a wife to cling to because he had never received such verification from his family.

Wedding dress and tax shopping

First Site Season 13 Married at Mikaela

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Some singles go to dress and tuxedo stores to choose their wedding day outfits, including Mikaela, who wears a dress and becomes emotional when she sees herself. Michaela was torn apart in the absence of her father, who recently died after being beaten by a drunk driver. Thankfully, her sister and mother are there to calm her nerves. Meanwhile, Zack is worried that he may not meet the standards of future brides while fitting with friends and family. Bao’s mother is supportive as her daughter finds the perfect dress for her big day and Johnny chooses a red tie as a lucky gesture for his future marriage.

Singles and singles

MAFS Season 13 Mara

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Bachelor parties and bachelor parties have no game-changing dramas and are considerably tamed compared to past seasons. While Gil is showing off his pole dancing skills, his future bride, Mara, goes beyond the party scene with a female Cindig. And Bao rides a mechanical bull and makes other brides think she’s a little wilder than she appears to be on the surface. Mikaela ponders her wedding night while talking to a friend at the bar, revealing that she is not against “crushing” on the first night.

First day of the wedding

MAFS Season 13 Bao Johnny

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The first couple up to the season 13 plate are Bao and Johnny. Both are very nervous, but optimistic about the imminent marriage. But before walking down the aisle, Bao and Johnny send gifts to each other. Johnny opens the wedding survival kit from Bao, opens the package, and reveals that he has sent some sports jerseys and wall art.

This is when the horror spiral begins for Bao, who is determined not to want to pair with sports fans because of the fact that she hasn’t worked for her in the past. After overcoming the sudden horror, she heads to the altar. Bao and Johnny know each other, so the surprise doesn’t end with a sports jersey.

I’m not sure at first if this is a good thing, but the ceremony goes on schedule and viewers can finally see their connections. Both Bao and Johnny are presidents of student groups at various universities and have met at several conferences over the years. Before taking a picture with their family, they don’t have time to sink everything, so let’s talk briefly about the strangeness of the predicament.

Overall, it looks like an optimistic start to the duo, but can Johnny’s playboy bookings about the past discourage Bao from getting too close to her new husband? only time will tell.Find as love at first sight It will last a lifetime.

love at first sight, Wednesday, 8 / 7c, lifetime

‘Married at First Sight’ Premiere: Five Key Moments from’Lone Stars No More'(RECAP) | Entertainment News

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