Marilyn Manson Enters Plea for Assault | Entertainment News

Marilyn Manson pleaded not guilty to the assault of misdemeanor.

The Dope Show singer approached a videographer at a concert in New Hampshire, spit “to her” and was allegedly blown nose before throwing himself into police in July in connection with the 2019 incident. I did. On his behalf, he denied two complaints prior to the indictment scheduled for Thursday (02.09.21).

The court meeting is not currently taking place and a hearing on the case is scheduled for December 27.

If Manson is found guilty, each of the minor offenses can result in a fine of $ 2,000 and imprisonment for less than a year.

After turning to police earlier this year, Manson was released on personal bail, provided he did not commit a crime during his release, did not contact the alleged victim, and appeared in all courts. I did. Public hearing.

52-year-old Locker (whose real name is Brian Warner) was wanted by Gilford police in May for two simple assaults of misdemeanor.

In a statement at the time, the ministry said: The videographer was subcontracted by a New Hampshire-based company to film the concert and was in the stage pit area when the alleged assault occurred. “

Later, several witnesses claimed that Manson was “spitting everywhere” at the time of the incident and began targeting women after she “looked semi-irritated.” bottom.

One attendee told the publication: The floor reached within a few feet of her and hacked her a huge snot rocket instead of a camera. She was angry and tired, so she went out of control and he just laughed.

“After that, I stopped listening to his music and told my husband that I would never go to his concert again.”

Another concert attendee said Manson “laughed” at his actions.

They added:[He] This woman bent over to shoot his nose everywhere. I remember just laughing at what he did. “

Marilyn Manson Enters Plea for Assault | Entertainment News

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