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Many fanfares for an additional $ 2.5 million additional dedication to Fame Fire Co. – Daily Local

West Chester — West Chester Station 53’s 183-year-old Fame Fire Co. No. 3 has added and refurbished a new $ 2.5 million and held a traditional “push-in” dedication for three people on weekends. Clearly met the future. An impressive device essential to the mission of fame.

The larger Westchester community has turned out to help them celebrate. Well over 100 people – community leaders, donors, state and local government representatives, volunteers, and fame firefighters were at hand. Participants were First Westchester Fire Department 1st Station 51 and Goodwill Fire Station 2nd Station 52, the first responders of the entire Westchester Fire Department (WCFD), as well as surrounding areas such as Concord Building, Gosen and Lion Building. West Bradford, West Whiteland, Good Fellowship Ambulance Club.

William Ronayne, Co-Chair and Moderator of the Willing Hearts Capital Campaign, acknowledged Schorn Construction’s exemplary activities and the support of donors from both local and state, the community and volunteers from within The Fame. Ronayne emphasized that Fame still needs $ 500,000 to repay the loan incurred to put the building up and running. He also announced the formation of Friends of the Fame, a new group seeking donations to end the campaign and provide volunteers and financial support in the future. He also honored the Westchester Rotary Club, which sponsored the Donor Awards Committee on display at The Fame.

Ronayne outlines the construction and refurbishment of the new building, two spacious new bays to improve the safety of rescue equipment and firefighters, storage of gear with 60 lockers, maintenance of equipment Emphasized a work area for repairs and a gender-segregated bunk room for six residents. Firefighters, overall sprinkler system, high efficiency HVAC system, etc.

Fame President Michael McCarthy acknowledged Fame and the Westchester Fire Department’s Leadership, Construction and Campaign Commission, and once again thanked donors for their success in fame so far. To commemorate this opportunity, President McCarthy evoked the full motto of fame. To those who are currently serving, and those who will serve in the future to protect our community. “

The dedication Saturday was a historic day for Fame Fire Co. No. 3 in West Chester. (Submitted photo)

President McDonald gives passionate and personal recognition to 40-year Lifefame member, now Vice President of Fame, former WCFD Chief Michael McDonald and 40-year Lifefame Member, Fame Executive Officer, former WCFD Chief Mark McDonald. Provided. Devoted.

After that, McCarthy introduced AJ Pizzi. It has been a member of Fame for 20 years, chaired the housing and led the formal housing dedication ceremony. Following the long tradition of firefighters, each vehicle retreated three times.

Engine 53–2021 Spartan / custom fire pump.

The 2250GPM pump / 1500ft 5-inch hose / carries 750 gallons of water. The device was dedicated to former Chief Mark McCarthy, who was the WCFD Fire Chief from 2004 to 2006. It was pushed by WCFD stations 51 and 52. It was driven by former captain and current president Mike McCarthy.

Rescue 53 – 2017 Spartan / Custom Fire Walk-In Heavy Rescue.

The device was dedicated to former chief Michael McDonald, and Mike was the WCFD Fire Chief from 2015 to 2017. Pushed by Good Fellowship Ambulance, Lion Building, Concord Building, West Bradford Fire Company. It was driven by a former captain and current Lieutenant Steve Macdonald.

• Ladder 53 – 2012 E-One 137 Ft. Heavy duty antenna.

It was pushed by neighboring companies Gosen and West Whiteland Firefighting Company. Driven by Captain Greg Whitmer. Jerry Schwartz, CISM Coordinator, Former Fire Chief of Chester County, BCFD Certified Peer Support Specialist, Senior Chaplain-Emergency Services, Chaplain, Fire Chief, Chaplain, WCFD, gave the first blessing of today’s ceremony.

At the end of this historic ritual, guests were offered the opportunity to enjoy light meals, tour the building, and buy bricks for the outdoor patio to commemorate their participation.

To take a look at the tour and see how it has been refurbished:

Many fanfares for an additional $ 2.5 million additional dedication to Fame Fire Co. – Daily Local

Source link Many fanfares for an additional $ 2.5 million additional dedication to Fame Fire Co. – Daily Local

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