Manufacturing Week draws attention to ‘strong’ part of local economy | Local News

The recent observance of National Manufacturing Week brought state officials together in several counties, including Indiana. In Indiana, the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Community and Economic Development visited Miller Fabrication Solutions in Homer.

said Steve D’Ettorre, DCED’s deputy secretary for technology and innovation at Miller Fabrication Solutions in Homer. “These two really go hand in hand.”

He also visited the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center in the Atrium in downtown Indiana.

Dr. Eric Lauber, member and director of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, said: We believe that time, computer training, and media workshops initiate a “technology funnel” in which citizens progress from “experienced” to “learner” to “facilitator” to finally “entrepreneur”. ”

Regionally and in Indiana County, manufacturing is the fifth largest segment of the economy, employing 1,991 people in 84 locations. This equates to his 7% of the county’s workforce.

It is the third largest segment in Westmoreland County, employing 17,377 people in 548 locations. That’s just over 13% of him in the county’s workforce.

“The manufacturing presence in the region is solid,” said Phil Cynar, spokesman for the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, which represents the interests of 10 Southwestern counties. “Here are his 2,800 companies that employ more than 94,000 people. The sector also contributes his $15.6 billion to (gross domestic product).”

Meanwhile, manufacturing ranks first or second among the sectors that have attracted the most investment over the past 14 years, according to the annual business investment scorecard produced by the research team of the Pennsylvania Economic League of Greater Pittsburgh, a research affiliate of the Allegheny Conference. It was rank. .

“In our latest scorecard, released earlier this year, manufacturing was the hottest sector when considering investment data for 2021,” said Cynar. “At the time, manufacturing attracted 60 of his deals to the region, up from his 36 in 2020. The total employment impact has tripled for him, with 2,664 new jobs and retention. I got a good job.”

At $220 million in capital expenditures, manufacturing accounts for more than half of the capital expenditures associated with investment deals. Manufacturing Week draws attention to ‘strong’ part of local economy | Local News

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