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Man Can Revive Proceedings Against New Orleans Over Police Beats | Nationwide

New Orleans (AP) —Federal Court of Appeals states that Hispanic Iraq war veterans can revive the proceedings over the beatings of two New Orleans police officers who called him a “fake American.” ..

Times Picayune / New Orleans Advocate Reportedly, the Fifth US Court of Appeals for the Circuit ruled in favor of Jorge Gomez on November 18.

Gomez is from the United States, who grew up in Honduras and served the Iraqi National Guard. He encountered two off-duty officers in the bar on the night of July 24, 2018.

Gomez wore combat uniform and beret. He said an officer, both white, questioned his military service and called him a “fake American” before beating him outside.

New Orleans police immediately dismissed both police officers.Officer John Garman finally pleaded guilty to a simple battery, and Officer Spencer Sutton I didn’t accept the contest To disturb peace.

In July 2019, Gomez sued the city and former officers in federal court.

However, Judge Barry Ash of the US District Court found that the city was not liable for the proceedings because Sutton and Garman were merely “civilians in the Battle of Bar.”

Gomez claimed that Sutton and Garman were acting like police officers and identified them as such when they called 911.

“These claims are important,” the Circuit Court panel said in an unsigned opinion. “Victims usually do not obey orders from those who have just attacked without good reason. As claimed here, when the victim was in the process of escaping from the attacker, he did. Is even less likely to happen. “

The panel consisted of Judge Karl E. Stewart, Judge James Ho, and Judge Engelhard.

In favor, Mr. Ho called the question of whether the city could be held liable at this point a “closed case.” However, he added that he was “happy” by reversing Ash in that regard.

“If the allegations in this case were true, police officers did not just brutalize a single man — they severely undermined public confidence in law enforcement, and unfortunately alleged here. The illegal activity you are doing is not unique, “he said.

In a statement, New Orleans police spokesperson Gary Sheets said police were immediately suspended.

“NOPD cannot specifically comment on active proceedings, but the swift action of the departments associated with the suspension and subsequent dismissal of these two officers was that this type of action was not tolerated by NOPD. , And it clearly shows that it is unacceptable, “Scheets said.

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Man Can Revive Proceedings Against New Orleans Over Police Beats | Nationwide

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